Tuesday, 14 January 2014


Both of the products are from Lush!

My disappointing product was Lush's Sugar Scrub. Although the scent was okay, I just did not get on with the solid bar for using as a scrub. I may have used the product wrong, as it just want all soggy and ended up throwing it away, but I was also not able to break a bit off to be able to use a small amount at a time. As a scrub, it did not make my skin smooth. I have therefore returned to using Soap and Glory body scrubs.

My favourite product was Lush's Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly, which, in my opinion, smells like blackcurrant jelly straight out of the packet! (Even though it's supposed to smell of cherries). It's quite a sweet scent, so may not appeal to all, but I absolutely love it. Using the product can be slippery, a lot of the time I find myself dropping the gel , but I also find that I do not need a lot of it to go a long way so wastage is minimal. This makes my skin feel really soft. Lush suggests that you freeze the gel. I have bought a small pot of Whoosh to do this with, which smells similar to Starlight Starbright (Christmas range), which is citrus-y. This is just as good as Sweetie Pie, though freezing it makes it initially harder to get out of the pot, it seems to be easier to use and less slippery.

Make Up
Both of these products are unintentionally lipsticks. This is because in the winter, I tend to apply minimal eye shadow, BB cream, and a bit of light blush, with more striking lips.

I really really disliked Sleek's Matte Me in Exxxagerate. I was looking for a deep purple matte lipstick, and after much searching, I found this. My insta-thought was FINALLY, but after applying it using the lipstick itself, the texture made me want to cringe. Due to it being slightly glittery, it did not glide across my lips, it just stuck in one place. After fighting to get it onto my lips, it highlighted the imperfections. Application is slightly better with a better outcome with a lip brush, but the best I could do was to use a base colour with the lipstick, and blend.

I cannot get enough of Revlon Lustrous Lipstick in Berry Couture 835! It's not too bright and not too dark, so I will be able to wear it throughout the year. It is a dark pink-purple colour, the colour on the lips being very similar as the stick. The texture is smooth, and there is no colour bleeding. It makes my lips feel moisturised. I use this with a lip brush as well as the stick itself, the application is amazing. I am looking forward to buying lighter colours such as Lovers Coral and Pink in the Afternoon come Spring. 

Maybe it was silly to try beach hair in the Winter, but I returned to Lush's solid shampoo bar Seanik. All it did was make my hair dry, due to it containing sea salt, and flat. The opposite of what it should have done. I have no problems with solid shampoo bars, I find them easy to use, it is simply this particular bar. The scent is not strong, but it does smell faintly of the seaside, probably because it contains seaweed.

I am probably going to stick to Bed Head Urban Antidotes in Re-energize, I use both the shampoo and conditioner. It always leaves my hair silky and smooth. The pump dispenser is really easy to use, however to get the full value I always feel that you have to cut the bottle in half - there is a lot of product that the pump straw does not get out, especially from the conditioner. I would never pay salon price for this, but finding the set for between £20-29 is generally a bargain. It seems expensive but the amount of product is a lot for £10 p/bottle, and the quality is just.. Well. Nothing compares for me!

My favourite nail product this winter has been Topshop's matte colours, specifically in Brutal. This is a purple colour. I haven't used Topshop's beauty range before, and I was pleasantly surprised that a high street shop could give such a lovely finish to nails. I don't feel that the colour is particularly matte, but it is less shi
ny than normal polish.

Some Barry M products I fall in love with, but this winter I really disliked Silver Multi Glitter. As much as the colour and application were a hit with me, as well as it not chipping easily, it did not last and it peeled off. It's great for an evening out but I wouldn't recommend if you want a long lasting polish.

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