Tuesday, 28 January 2014


This year started off brilliantly with a trip into town for New Years Eve. My New Years kiss was the beauty on the far right! We spent the first section of the night in 'Spoons, and then Varsity for the New Years count down, ending the night in a notoriously skanky club! 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 On the 6th January I was able to enjoy a bit of lighthearted McDonalds chat with my close friend that I'm not always able to due, as I am away from home a lot. It was brilliant to catch up! As well as catching up we did some shopping, resulting in matching letter mugs, from Home Bargains for under a quid! We also talked about holidays a lot, resulting in us trying on these lovely sunnies from Primark.

Miss You :(
One of my close friends moved to Australia, and this year, for Christmas, she came home!! The morning was spent catching the train to Nottingham to go ice skating, which I haven't done in years. Although I'm sure I used to be more of a risk taker as well as being a lot quicker, I definitely enjoyed it! I had the opportunity to relive my childhood by having a Slush Puppie with all of the flavours mixed in it! In the evening I drove Amy and myself to my friends house so we could have a catch up between the three of us, resulting in a girly gossip. My friends Mum made us a delicious pasta dish, which I am determined to get the recipe of!

Me and my best friend from school finally went to the Harry Potter Studios! It was a long awaited trip which both of us seemed to put off for no reason at all. Although it was initially a huge kerfuffle as I didn't realise I was supposed to have bought a ticket due to lack of communication between us, it was sorted out and we absolutely loved it! As both of us experienced Harry Potter together, we felt the feels and it was sentimental and special to us. If you're interested in going, I'd definitely recommend going with people who are either really into Harry Potter, or into production. 


These are our excited for potions faces!

Outside Ollivander's

Ministry of Magic!

I think this part of the tour was so important and generally so overlooked. There was so many scale paper models of various concepts and visual aids. Having had to have done this for Performing Arts Technical Production, merely to measure a small stage and lecture theatre, I understand how much time and precision goes into these. I have so much respect for the production team on anything from am-dram right up to top blockbuster films. 

When I moved back to Lincoln, I had a bit of a room re-arrange. I have already spoken about this in two previous blogs, My Citrus Obsession and Our Capital . I also added new love heart fairy lights. I also did end up buying a gold Diana F+ from Lomography! I have two more photos to take, in black and white, and then I will be sending them off to be developed! I have never used this camera before, so I don't know how good or bad these photos will be. That's the beauty! I think a little bit of prior photography knowledge is needed, but a lot is explained in the manual. Mine also came with a book, displaying the amazing shots and stories explained by using this camera.

I also decided to mix up my cartilage piercing a bit, with a jazzy rainbow circular barbell instead or a regular barbell or CBR from Claire's.

I gained new horse riding jackets as well for the Equestrian Society. I got a hoodie which is lovely, cosy and warm, as well as a coat, which has the same description, but with the added bonus of keeping me dry! Both display my name, the hoodie on the sleeve and the coat across the back. 

Me and my two friends from uni decided to have a spontaneous night out, visiting two polar opposites of clubs after pre-drinking at the SU pub. 

I then had a wonderful first lesson back at riding, jumping higher than I ever had before, feeling really confident. I owe this to the horse, called Tom, really!

                                                     Just getting used to what is slightly higher than I have ridden in the past.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
 Bam! Out of my comfort zone! 
I did, however, gain rider of the week!                                            

I gained a new curling toy.. I'm not proud.. But I really wanted it.. It's the Toni and Guy Deep Barrel Waver. The waves last over night, and I dare say they would last me three days! The waves become less prominent but are still visible. 

My day two barrel waved hair

Ah yes.. I dyed my hair again.. This time I went plum.. Well what was meant to be plum.. On my previously ombre'd and bleached hair. The section that was bleached took really well, but my hair is now in between purple blue and green.. It still looks okay though! I dyed it with Directions in Plum.

First day I dyed my hair
Magical mermaid hair!

My next riding lesson was a disaster! My position was consistently incorrect.. But at the same time I still enjoyed it. I was on a brilliantly sturdy but not so forward going horse, the riding was all down to me! 

Trying to do ballet instead of having a correct jumping position 

And now we're nearing the end of January, I am now starting to knuckle down in my studies.. Let's see where next month takes me!!!

Much Love,
Laura is Not...

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