Sunday, 19 January 2014


I confess. I'm addicted to the smell of limes, lemons, oranges, kiwis... The list goes on. 

The addiction came after Christmas whilst using Lush's Star Light Star Bright bath melt and Soap and Glory's Sugar Crush Scrub. As much as oranges are associated with Christmas, and now we are well past the festive period, I still wanted to be able to smell the citrus-y notes around my flat and bathroom. I therefore went for a hunt through my town in order to find the most citrus-whilst-not-too-overpowering smells I could. 

For Me
Of course, as a devout Lushie, my first port of call was the Lush store. I had already bought Whoosh (see my previous blog post), and so wanted something else...
I, again, had to resist the temptation of buying everything in the store, and asked for help. I smelt every citrus-y thing in the shop, but only bought the Stepping Stone foot scrub. It has a strong scent which hits me every time I go into my bathroom. I'd say it was very similar to Star Light Star Bright which is ginger and lime, yet is supposed to smell of lemon and lemongrass. To use, you simply break a bit off and it foams up a little; a little but more special than a simple pumice. I feel that my feet have been made softer by using this product. I smelt many products, but as my flat doesn't have a bath, I did not buy what I really would have liked to. However, next to I go home, I will be purchasing Dragon's Egg. (Or I may buy it beforehand to use as an air freshener..) I would also like to try Sunnyside and You've Been Mangoed bubble bars and Space Girl bath bomb.

For my Room

I was surprised with my buys, and a little disappointed that stores that I'd generally associate with  candles and reed diffusers did not have what I wanted. However, this did mean that what I purchased was cheaper than what I would have paid otherwise. 

Although it is against my contract to burn candles, I still wanted one to display with a strong scent that I do not need to burn to create a smell. I was surprised that my candle ended up coming from Primark! It is the Fresh Citrus and Ginger tin candle in olive, which burns three wicks. The tin is modern in an olive colour. The wax is not coloured, which is actually something I like with candles! The scent is quite soft and not overpowering, but it does have a slight citrus punch to it. This was £3.50. 

I then went to Wilkos. I was actually in search for a hanging mirror, but I stumbled across the reed diffusers. I bought the own brand Wilkos diffuser in Orange Grove which cost £4. There is 100ml of oil, and smells distinctly of oranges, and that's all there is to it really! Simple punchy smell. The packaging suggests that the reeds only need to be turned over every two weeks, yet I find that I am having to turn them every 3-4 days.

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