Tuesday, 18 February 2014


My expensive habit is Benefit. I can't resist looking at the lovely stuff Benefit has in, and if I could buy it all I would. However, in March, Benefit are doing something special...

Across the country in March, Benefit is hosting complimentary eyebrow shaping across Debenhams brow bars in the UK. They are hosting brow workshops as well, mine is on the 22nd February. This is in aid of Brow Arch March - to raise money and awareness to the Look Good Feel Better Campaign which deals with the visible effects of cancer. A voluntary donation of £5 can be made, which I highly recommend, not only for the campaign but also for the hard work and time the girls at Benefit put into their products and making people look and feel beautiful.

As someone who does not look after their eyebrows properly, I really need this. As well as raising money for charity, Benefit helps a lot with make up and maintenance techniques, both at their counters and when you take the product home. This is what I love.. Without having to scour the internet to find the perfect way to contour, Benefit does this whilst you are buying the product as well as containing mini booklets with your make up.

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