Monday, 31 March 2014


Instead of doing monthly reviews, I've decided to start doing my favourites! I'm really excited, so let's start!
I have quite long eyelashes so wanted to stick to 'BADgal Lashes' by Benefit, but as a cheeky present my Mum decided to buy me, what everyone else has.. 'They're Real'. I prefer the brush of the mascara that I used before, but I still love the brush that comes with 'They're Real'. I love how you can create both natural AND fake lashes! Here is the link to both mascaras!

As for my lips, I have gone from dark lipsticks to lighter and brighter/natural lipglosses. The first being Rimmel's Apocalips in 'Apocaliptic'. This is a very bright pink colour that is very pigmented. The second gloss is close between Revlon's Super Lustrous in 'Kiss Me Coral' and Benefit's 'Coralista', both being bright coral colours. Benefit's lipgloss is pigmented on its own whereas the Revlon gloss looks best layered on top of a coral lipstick to create a sheen looking lip. My favourite is therefore 'Coralista', as it feels less heavy on my lip for the Spring ans Summer. My favourite nude has been Sleek's Matte Me lip cream in 'Petal'.  This is easily applied with the lip brush it comes with which I'm very excited about as I don't have to take a lip brush out with me! The matte does not show lip imperfections which I LOVE, and leaves a natural finish. It also lasts for AGES. 

This month I have worn Sally Hansen nail polish in 'Plum's the Word', a deep rose colour which isn't quite as dark as plum. Teamed with base coat and top coat this lasted me two weeks with only minor chipping! I'm really looking forward to trying other colours, especially 'Mudslide' and 'Mauve Along'.. I think it's fairly obvious I'm going quite nude this Spring/Summer!

I bought some lovely lovely lovely sunglasses from New Look, which were really cheap. I have contact lenses so it is now easy for me to wear sunglasses! I just love the clear frames as well as the colour of the lens and the shape of the overall glasses. I find it really hard to find glasses that fit and suit me generally, but I have really really fallen in love with these!

I ordered two items from STAG or, Stand Tall Amongst Giants. I bought the 'Hex Logo Tee in Heather' and a 'beanie in Burgundy'. The clothes are super comfy and super easy to wear and wash. I teamed my tee with burgundy jeans from New Look and some blue Vans for a simple look. 


  1. I love the Apocalips! Fab Favourites :)

    1. They are absolutely lovely :)
      Sorry for the late reply, unfortunately I was in hospital x