Friday, 7 March 2014


I shouldn't make any excuses because of university work, but I'm going to! So yeah.. That's my excuse.. I do still have my Benefit faves to come! It's ready and waiting. However, I may post this after my Benefit appointment tomorrow. 

 This month was the Vintage Fair, and another one is coming tomorrow - This is Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair who tour the UK. I bought a lovely new Spring coat that is light. I bought a large due to its length and bagginess, and I wanted a coat which I could roll up the sleeves on. It fits nicely at the back as well.
 For Valentine's Day, I helped out at the Horse Riding Society's bake sale - I made a yummy red velvet cake.
In the evening, me and my boyfriend went to a flat party instead of the generic film and meal, though we did make and share a curry. 
 This was the second night my friend visited - I took her to Lola Lo's for a drink due to its theme. Although it wasn't too busy, and we had the dance floor to ourselves, it was still really fun. We then went to Home, which was packed out! I had never ever seen it that busy on a Saturday before.. I can only assume this was due to pay day. 
 This was the first night out.. We look rather more.. Awake!
 We saw the death of flappy bird, but thankfully the rise of Fall Out Bird...
 ...AND DARK HORSE! I'm a lover of tack, and the video to Katy Perry's new single Dark Horse (album) made me dance and crave more tack in my wardrobe.
I have also been trying out new hairstyles. I got this scrunchie from the vintage fair as well as the coat.

This month, I haven't done all that much. We've had Valentines Day, War Horse live, and my one of my best friends came to visit me for two nights out at Uni. They have been my highlights! Many of these photos can be found on instagram, which is the same as my blog: lauraisnot.
I got my second lobe piercings done, but soon took out my rook. It wasn't painful, they just take a long time to heal which was bothering me.

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