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Sometimes we all get a bit of dry skin, but some are more affected than others. I suffer from eczema that simply will not budge. I therefore have to have prescribed steroids and moisturisers.. Which is all well, but sometimes you want to smell  and feel nice as well as your skin clearing up. I have rounded up some of my favourite products that I use when coming out of a bad period of dry skin! 

2009 Dry Skin on Legs

Shower and Bath

Spend: £8 at Soap and Glory: I use Soap and Glory's 'Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub'. This smells like breakfast. It's delicious! It gets rid of all of my flaky skin in the shower whilst leaving my legs silky due to the shea. I don't think this is to everyone's taste, as the smell of porridge and maple tends to stick around, so sometimes I sway towards 'Sugar Scrub', which has more of a citrus scent. I do end up having to make sure the left over product is washed out of the bottom of the shower, but I'm simply in love with this! 

Save: 96p at SuperdrugRadox's 'Nourish Shower Cream' is a still! It smells fresh, and, again, contains shea butter. The amount of lather from a small amount makes me feel super clean, and the product doesn't make  my skin itch, as many in-shower products can. This is also available in hand soap and a bath soak! If you're more of a bath person, I'd say 'Butterball' by Lush is perfect for you! It is a bath bomb full of cocoa butter. 

Spend: £10 at Soap and Glory: Post-shower, I will then use 'The Righteous Butter Body Lotion', so that I retain moisture throughout the day. It moisturises to perfection and leaves you with a sweet scent. With my skin, it sinks in relatively quickly but can be a bit slippy sometimes. 

Save: £4.09 at Boots: If you're looking for an alternative, I would definitely say simply use an 'aqueous cream' - pharmacies have their own for a lot cheaper than brands, and it is amazing and leaves no scent. I prefer this over the old  E45!

Spend: £15 at Crabtree and EvelynCrabtree and Evelyn's 'Jojoba Oil and Cuticle Cream' is a miracle worker. It is one of those creams that you don't feel you have to reapply 24/7, but you just want to anyway! It contains almond and jojoba oil, which moisturise to a really silky feel. It leaves your hands smelling of lavender and herbs, like a working Summer garden, perfect for those who love smelling a little more sophisticated. 

Save: £3.65 at SuperdrugNeutrogena's 'Norwegian Formula Hand Cream' is an unscented cream which needs so little product it's worth it's price and more.. I love it! Little needs to be said about this, it just works!

Spend: £5.50+ at LushLush's 'Lipsrubs' come in many flavours, my favourite being the Christmas special 'Santa Baby', which tastes like cherry cola! I scrub my lips in the shower, and apply a lip balm after the shower, prepping them for any lipsticks I will put on that day. The scrubs get rid of dry and chapped skin and leave them feeling fairly soft.  

Save: £1.26 at Superdrug: My top product of this post is Palmer's 'Cocoa Butter Lip Balm', it's simply divine, I've definitely saved the best 'til last! I have never had any lip balm moisturise my lips so much! It contains SPF, so your lips are protected year round, and the cocoa butter is gloriously moisturising!  

It just goes to show we don't always have to splurge to feel great!
What products do you use to keep hydrated and moisturised?
Do you use face and eye creams?

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