Monday, 7 April 2014


L'oreal Elvive have brought a range of five new products out called 'Fibrology'. The aim is to give thicker hair after every wash, "specially developed with Filloxane, the shampoo formula together with the conditioner, thickens the hair fibres and provides deep cleansing". The range includes a shampoo and conditioner, a thickness booster, and a double serum. 

As I had just finished my Bed Head shampoo, I decided to try something different.
As someone with relatively fine hair, I believed that trying something that might thicken and add body would be a positive experience. For my hair, however, this was not the case. 

I was not having a good day to start with, instead of getting into my shower I fell into it, landing on the conditioner, and losing 1/4 of the bottle! However, I laughed this off and realised that I liked the smell - not too strong but quite fruity.
The shampoo lathered up well, and filled the shower with a marvellous scent, but didn't seem to make much difference to my hair. I then shampoo'd my hair again, but this time my hair started to feel stringy and stretchy, similar to when fine hair is bleached. I did continue to use the conditioner, which did make my hair feel smooth whilst in the shower.
After towel drying my hair, it felt dry and unloved.. It felt like it needed a deep treatment and like I was back to square one with dry ends. After a week of using the products, my hair did not feel thicker and I could no longer deal with my hair feeling dry all the time.
I have read many reviews where this product has worked, and some say it does work particularly well with the thickness booster, so I may try this before giving up on the product completely!
Due to my hair being home ombre'd, this may be why the products made my hair so dry at the ends, but does not explain why my natural hair also felt dry. 
I really want this product to work, and I may look at the other products in this range as an alternative to the shampoo and conditioner.
The range is available at Boots and Superdrug among other beauty stores.

Have you tried this product?
Did it work? 

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