Friday, 23 May 2014


These are the essential purchases I've made throughout May!

 Has anyone else been getting sunburnt?! I found this fantastic SPF 30 spray sun cream in B&M whilst doing some revision essential shopping. It sprays no matter how you hold the bottle, and doesn't smell of that generic sun cream scent.. In fact I don't think it has a strong scent at all!

 Also in B&M I spotted a lilac plant pot.. I searched for more and lo and behold there was this awesome light mushroom pot! I'm keeping my base make-up in it. 99p. Bargain. 

 Also for Summer I bought this sunnies from Topshop. I'm in love with them so much. I just can't explain it.. There's many a picture of me with them on in instagram.

As a quick purchase as I was in need of a cheap lilac nail varnish for an outfit for a meal, I went for Barry M's Gelly nails in Prickly Pear. I'm currently wearing it with sparkles over the top - I feel a bit Barbie! 

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