Monday, 30 June 2014


This month I've been loving trivial cutesy things! Spending time with people I love, loathing the footie and getting excited about future plans such as the Newark Blogger Meet Up organised by the lovely Frankie of Crazy Blonde Gal, Holi Festival Nottingham, a Senior Section camp and a Norfolk holiday! - Of course I've done some shopping for these events which can be seen in later posts so keep your eyes peeled!

Myself and Keilan have seen X-Men and TFiOS this month, and have enjoyed visiting the cinema.. Neither of us are particularly excited about Transformers though...
 On a beauty note, I've been loving Clarins BB Cream. However, I am unsure of the shade due to having been given it by my Mum as she finds the product too thick. Indeed, it is quite thick but you only need a little of the product to make it spread over the face. I use a brush and it lasts all day.

Although this is a recent purchase, I love this jewellery from Topshop! The sale has brought up some fab offers, the midi ring was £2.50, and although the Zebra necklace wasn't in the sale, it was (only) £5.

In the Blogosphere I know Vixen is huge in the Winter. I've been loving it on my toenails this month, however, and have loved the shade for about four years! 

Lately I've been having some good skin days (I'm going to thank the sunshine), so I've been wearing.. NOTHING! Okay, maybe a bit of Archery by Soap and Glory.. But only very lightly. I've also been wearing my hair in a clip to show my lighter hair.

After using Ceridwen's Cauldron, it has become a firm Lush favourite due to the moisturising qualities! It smells like white chocolate and melts beautifully. 

I've also been loving this kimono, I feel like I've walked right out of the 70's! 

Finally, but not surprisingly, another monthly favourite drink! This time it was a cheeky purchase from WH Smith's whilst parched. It's JuiceBurst in Peach and Passion Fruit. It's extremely smooth and really scrummy!

Monday, 23 June 2014


To hay fever sufferers, above is the image of nightmares! Buy just because our eyes are swollen and our noses are running, doesn't mean we can't still be our normal beautiful selves!

Prevent it:
Firstly, preventing the symptoms of hay fever is a must - you can't moan until you've tried!

Tablets: Work out which sort of anti-histamines your body likes. I personally take cetirizine hydrochloride as loratadine makes me ill. These can both be picked up cheap - remember that brands are just brands when it comes to drugs. What's inside them is exactly the same!
After you work out which tablet you're going to take, work out what time of day you're going to take the tablet! I take mine in the evening so I'm fine and dandy for the next day! 

Eyes: Eyes become irritated and dry. Purchase hay fever specific eye drops! It might sting at first but the results are amazing.
If you suffer from dry eyes afterwards, use an eye mist.
I advise not to wear contact lenses at all. I had a horrific experience at Download Festival with contact lenses due to hay fever, had to take them out, and was walking around semi-blind for the rest of the day!

Nose: Using nasal sprays can be a good idea but make sure you do not take them too often as they contain steroids. They stop a runny nose for a few hours, fab!
If you don't like the idea of steroids, use an Olbas inhaler! This is a great alternative, I love the smell. And if this prospect still scares you, simply use Olbas oil! 

Airways: Definitely make sure, if you need them, to take prescribed inhalers morning and evening. Hay fever wreaks havoc with breathing! 

Shower: A shower can really help get rid of the symptoms. The steam helps with airways, and washing gets rid of anything else such as dust and pollen you may have accumulated throughout the day. 

Conceal it:
Once prevented, start concealing...

Skin: Skin can become extremely dry during the hay fever season, so make sure to keep moisturised. Maybe a tinted moisturiser and gradual tanning moisturiser would be a fab idea - you can appear tanned whilst feeling grotty! I really like Dove's Summer Glow Nourishing Lotion

Make-up: When suffering a really bad day, I advise to wear no make up at all, it simply irritates your eyes further. On okay days, however, I wear a bit of mascara and some simple eye shadow.. If I'm feeling brave I'll even wear some eye liner! 

Happy Summer!

Sunday, 22 June 2014


1: What is your style?
I love girly clothes with a punky grungey vibe to the jewellery and make up I wear. 
2: How tall are you?
I am somewhere between 5ft3 and 5ft4, depending on how you measure me, apparently!
3: How much do you weigh?
I vary between 8 and 10 stone. 
4: What size clothing do you wear?
On the top I wear a UK size 12, and on the bottom I wear a UK size 10. My feet are a size 6. 
5: Any tattoos?
I have no tattoos!
6: Any piercings?
I have 3 piercings; first lobe, second lobe, and an upper cartilage piercing (pinna). I used to have my rook pierced but let this heal over.
7: Favourite bands?
I super love Thirty Seconds to Mars! I've seen them too many times to count.. 
My other music loves include Fall Out Boy, Breaking Benjamin, Seth Lakeman, Florence and the Machine...
8: How old are you?
I am 19 years old.
9: Zodiac sign?
A September Libra - well balanced *cough*.
10: Favourite Quote?
Sleep. Dream. Wake. Attack. Create. Fight. F**k. Win. Sleep. Dream. - Jared Leto
11: Favourite actor?
Tom Cruise
12: How long does it take you to shower?
15 minutes if I'm simply washing my hair, to half on hour+ when pampering!
13: Place you want to visit?
It's weird that as an inspired traveller there isn't a single place I want to visit the most.. I do, however, want to explore more of central and eastern Europe and Asia.
14: Your favourite place to visit?
In the little area that I call home, I love to visit a lovely walking spot that takes you past a reservoir, deer, and up to a village called Calke Abbey. Having this on my doorstep is divine!
A tiny bit down the road, it has to be the annual Download Festival! 
Now if we're talking even further, my favourite place in the whole wide world is a little island in the Caribbean called Antigua.. 
15: The sport you do/play?
I horse ride! I've been riding for nearly four years.. I'm not great but I can jump 0.5m+ - seems small but it's amazing for me!
16: Any pets?
A goldfish named Sam (because an eight year old me thought it was a unisex name), and a Border Terrier named Freddie! 
17: Favourite make up style?
I love a smokey purple look created with both MUA and Urban Decay Smoked palettes. 

 Pinna and lobe piercings

Rook and lobe piercings

The way I love to style! 

 Windsurfin' in Antigua

A selfie with Freddie 

My fave make up look

These questions have been modified from Carrie H Fletcher's TMI Tag

Thursday, 19 June 2014


Every year, thousands of rock and metal fans descend on a small village on the Leicestershire/Derbyshire border for Download Festival, previously known as Monsters of Rock (1980 - 1996). 

I am lucky to live ten minutes away from Castle Donington, a trip to my yearly home away from home becomes inevitable, this being my fourth Download, even if I only went for the Saturday!
I enjoyed sipping jager and coke* (one of my all time fave drinks), listening to the bands I love, dancing like a crazy fool and eating yummy junk food -  I'm sure the chicken chow mein was the best festival food I've ever tasted!
I made new friends, met up with old friends and had a simply rad time! 

My band highlights were New Politics; after seeing them support Fall Out Boy I really got into this band so went to support them and loved it! Even if I did get beer to the eye!
Dying Foetus; a band I watched alone from the Jagermeister tent. I have seen these before and were a good start to the day - a band I didn't think I'd like but I quite enjoyed!
Linkin Park; having seen Linkin Park at Sonisphere 2009, I was not expecting much from them.. But this time they were amazing. I don't know if it's because I'm older or what.. But they seemed to be 10X more engaging. Linkin Park will never get old. My friend cried at their set, reminding me of how much I cry when I see Thirty Seconds to Mars - a band that can bring a person to tears means so much. 

 First Festival Photo! Everyone had immaculate make up before getting ruined by the inevitable beer-down-your-face-face. Mine being thrown on me by the lead singer of New Politics! Beer to the eye is not an pleasant experience.. 

Keeping minty fresh!  

Squinty sun eyes! 

 The main stage, as a lot of people may already know, was dedicated to Stephen Sutton. This video simply explains how brilliant his work was and continues to be following his death. 

Photo Opportunity! - Friend's photo  

Fall Out Boy 

Bowling for Soup 

I got very few photos, but the rest of the time I was enjoying myself too much to care! Who wants to see a festival through a camera or phone lens when you can be experiencing it through your own eyes!

Thursday, 12 June 2014


Ultrabland Cleanser - Lush | Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser Tester - Lush | Sunnyside Bubble Bar - Lush | Cerdidwen's Cauldron Bath Melt - Lush | May Day Bath Bomb - Lush | Lime Bath Brulee - Bomb Cosmetics @ The Lincoln Soap Company

Locally I do not have a Lush so tend to go a bit mad when I'm coming home from uni! At the Lincoln store I bought bath goodies, and then took a trip up the hill to choose something from The Lincoln Soap Company. As you can see I've already used half of my Sunnyside bar!
I went to York [previous post] and bought Ultrabland but was also given a tester of Angels on Bare Skin - I LOVE IT! 

Monday, 9 June 2014


During May, I had little time to try anything to a full extent, but these have been my faves during the exam period!

From Missguided, I got a dress and a ring which I haven't been able to stop wearing! I've worn the dress to meals, casually around and out at night! The ring is a simple super rad stud. 

On my face I've been wearing Nars blush in 'Orgasm', which I got from a fantastic site called Cohorted - if you're not already signed up I'd recommend it! A lot of money comes off high street and high end products! 

 I got too excited and took pictures when I first received the product - true to colour.

The blush can be more peachy but this is NOT true to colour. 

True to colour.

An all time favourite of mine is Hoola by Benefit. During the Summer I'll wear it more as a bronzer than a contour. I recently won their #HowDoYouHoola competition through a silly Instagram photo! 

My personalised Hoola - even the brush has my name on it!
My photo entry

I can't get enough of MUA products lately, and have been non-stop wearing shade 2 in the Undressed palette, either blending it with shade 12 with shade 6 in the inner corner, or using my Urban Decay Smoked palette. It is obviously well loved from the photo!

Undress Me MUA Palette.

When I purchased the MUA bas mist I thought it might not work. I can honestly say it does keep my make up on for longer! After a night out my make up is usually ruined, but with this product I can roll back into bed with a full face of make up... Awful for my skin! The spray itself is also very good. With a product so cheap I was expecting it to clog up.. But it doesn't. MUA may be cheap but they don't skimp too much on packaging and functionality!   

MUA Pro-Base Fixing Mist. 

My final fave from this month has been a drink! Orange and Mango juice from Tropicana! Mango is one of my favourite fruits and I super love it in juice form, I have apple and mango squash.. I just love mangos! When I found this in Boots via a cheeky meal deal, I just had to try it. I love it! I can't get enough of it!