Thursday, 19 June 2014


Every year, thousands of rock and metal fans descend on a small village on the Leicestershire/Derbyshire border for Download Festival, previously known as Monsters of Rock (1980 - 1996). 

I am lucky to live ten minutes away from Castle Donington, a trip to my yearly home away from home becomes inevitable, this being my fourth Download, even if I only went for the Saturday!
I enjoyed sipping jager and coke* (one of my all time fave drinks), listening to the bands I love, dancing like a crazy fool and eating yummy junk food -  I'm sure the chicken chow mein was the best festival food I've ever tasted!
I made new friends, met up with old friends and had a simply rad time! 

My band highlights were New Politics; after seeing them support Fall Out Boy I really got into this band so went to support them and loved it! Even if I did get beer to the eye!
Dying Foetus; a band I watched alone from the Jagermeister tent. I have seen these before and were a good start to the day - a band I didn't think I'd like but I quite enjoyed!
Linkin Park; having seen Linkin Park at Sonisphere 2009, I was not expecting much from them.. But this time they were amazing. I don't know if it's because I'm older or what.. But they seemed to be 10X more engaging. Linkin Park will never get old. My friend cried at their set, reminding me of how much I cry when I see Thirty Seconds to Mars - a band that can bring a person to tears means so much. 

 First Festival Photo! Everyone had immaculate make up before getting ruined by the inevitable beer-down-your-face-face. Mine being thrown on me by the lead singer of New Politics! Beer to the eye is not an pleasant experience.. 

Keeping minty fresh!  

Squinty sun eyes! 

 The main stage, as a lot of people may already know, was dedicated to Stephen Sutton. This video simply explains how brilliant his work was and continues to be following his death. 

Photo Opportunity! - Friend's photo  

Fall Out Boy 

Bowling for Soup 

I got very few photos, but the rest of the time I was enjoying myself too much to care! Who wants to see a festival through a camera or phone lens when you can be experiencing it through your own eyes!

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