Monday, 30 June 2014


This month I've been loving trivial cutesy things! Spending time with people I love, loathing the footie and getting excited about future plans such as the Newark Blogger Meet Up organised by the lovely Frankie of Crazy Blonde Gal, Holi Festival Nottingham, a Senior Section camp and a Norfolk holiday! - Of course I've done some shopping for these events which can be seen in later posts so keep your eyes peeled!

Myself and Keilan have seen X-Men and TFiOS this month, and have enjoyed visiting the cinema.. Neither of us are particularly excited about Transformers though...
 On a beauty note, I've been loving Clarins BB Cream. However, I am unsure of the shade due to having been given it by my Mum as she finds the product too thick. Indeed, it is quite thick but you only need a little of the product to make it spread over the face. I use a brush and it lasts all day.

Although this is a recent purchase, I love this jewellery from Topshop! The sale has brought up some fab offers, the midi ring was £2.50, and although the Zebra necklace wasn't in the sale, it was (only) £5.

In the Blogosphere I know Vixen is huge in the Winter. I've been loving it on my toenails this month, however, and have loved the shade for about four years! 

Lately I've been having some good skin days (I'm going to thank the sunshine), so I've been wearing.. NOTHING! Okay, maybe a bit of Archery by Soap and Glory.. But only very lightly. I've also been wearing my hair in a clip to show my lighter hair.

After using Ceridwen's Cauldron, it has become a firm Lush favourite due to the moisturising qualities! It smells like white chocolate and melts beautifully. 

I've also been loving this kimono, I feel like I've walked right out of the 70's! 

Finally, but not surprisingly, another monthly favourite drink! This time it was a cheeky purchase from WH Smith's whilst parched. It's JuiceBurst in Peach and Passion Fruit. It's extremely smooth and really scrummy!

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