Sunday, 22 June 2014


1: What is your style?
I love girly clothes with a punky grungey vibe to the jewellery and make up I wear. 
2: How tall are you?
I am somewhere between 5ft3 and 5ft4, depending on how you measure me, apparently!
3: How much do you weigh?
I vary between 8 and 10 stone. 
4: What size clothing do you wear?
On the top I wear a UK size 12, and on the bottom I wear a UK size 10. My feet are a size 6. 
5: Any tattoos?
I have no tattoos!
6: Any piercings?
I have 3 piercings; first lobe, second lobe, and an upper cartilage piercing (pinna). I used to have my rook pierced but let this heal over.
7: Favourite bands?
I super love Thirty Seconds to Mars! I've seen them too many times to count.. 
My other music loves include Fall Out Boy, Breaking Benjamin, Seth Lakeman, Florence and the Machine...
8: How old are you?
I am 19 years old.
9: Zodiac sign?
A September Libra - well balanced *cough*.
10: Favourite Quote?
Sleep. Dream. Wake. Attack. Create. Fight. F**k. Win. Sleep. Dream. - Jared Leto
11: Favourite actor?
Tom Cruise
12: How long does it take you to shower?
15 minutes if I'm simply washing my hair, to half on hour+ when pampering!
13: Place you want to visit?
It's weird that as an inspired traveller there isn't a single place I want to visit the most.. I do, however, want to explore more of central and eastern Europe and Asia.
14: Your favourite place to visit?
In the little area that I call home, I love to visit a lovely walking spot that takes you past a reservoir, deer, and up to a village called Calke Abbey. Having this on my doorstep is divine!
A tiny bit down the road, it has to be the annual Download Festival! 
Now if we're talking even further, my favourite place in the whole wide world is a little island in the Caribbean called Antigua.. 
15: The sport you do/play?
I horse ride! I've been riding for nearly four years.. I'm not great but I can jump 0.5m+ - seems small but it's amazing for me!
16: Any pets?
A goldfish named Sam (because an eight year old me thought it was a unisex name), and a Border Terrier named Freddie! 
17: Favourite make up style?
I love a smokey purple look created with both MUA and Urban Decay Smoked palettes. 

 Pinna and lobe piercings

Rook and lobe piercings

The way I love to style! 

 Windsurfin' in Antigua

A selfie with Freddie 

My fave make up look

These questions have been modified from Carrie H Fletcher's TMI Tag

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