Monday, 23 June 2014


To hay fever sufferers, above is the image of nightmares! Buy just because our eyes are swollen and our noses are running, doesn't mean we can't still be our normal beautiful selves!

Prevent it:
Firstly, preventing the symptoms of hay fever is a must - you can't moan until you've tried!

Tablets: Work out which sort of anti-histamines your body likes. I personally take cetirizine hydrochloride as loratadine makes me ill. These can both be picked up cheap - remember that brands are just brands when it comes to drugs. What's inside them is exactly the same!
After you work out which tablet you're going to take, work out what time of day you're going to take the tablet! I take mine in the evening so I'm fine and dandy for the next day! 

Eyes: Eyes become irritated and dry. Purchase hay fever specific eye drops! It might sting at first but the results are amazing.
If you suffer from dry eyes afterwards, use an eye mist.
I advise not to wear contact lenses at all. I had a horrific experience at Download Festival with contact lenses due to hay fever, had to take them out, and was walking around semi-blind for the rest of the day!

Nose: Using nasal sprays can be a good idea but make sure you do not take them too often as they contain steroids. They stop a runny nose for a few hours, fab!
If you don't like the idea of steroids, use an Olbas inhaler! This is a great alternative, I love the smell. And if this prospect still scares you, simply use Olbas oil! 

Airways: Definitely make sure, if you need them, to take prescribed inhalers morning and evening. Hay fever wreaks havoc with breathing! 

Shower: A shower can really help get rid of the symptoms. The steam helps with airways, and washing gets rid of anything else such as dust and pollen you may have accumulated throughout the day. 

Conceal it:
Once prevented, start concealing...

Skin: Skin can become extremely dry during the hay fever season, so make sure to keep moisturised. Maybe a tinted moisturiser and gradual tanning moisturiser would be a fab idea - you can appear tanned whilst feeling grotty! I really like Dove's Summer Glow Nourishing Lotion

Make-up: When suffering a really bad day, I advise to wear no make up at all, it simply irritates your eyes further. On okay days, however, I wear a bit of mascara and some simple eye shadow.. If I'm feeling brave I'll even wear some eye liner! 

Happy Summer!

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