Friday, 18 July 2014


I am lucky not to have too much colour correction to do in my daily makeup routine. Minus  a bit of blue at my temples and, the same as all of us (unfortunately) around the eyes, and a little bit of redness below my jawbone and around the nose. 

I previously used Benefit's boi ing undereye concealer before giving up on concealer at all - every concealer I tried was still a bit too 'peachy' - even for undereye concealer! 

Then, a couple of months ago, I was looking for the MUA concealer wands, when they were not in stock.. I was desperate to find a new concealer, when I came across Rimmel's 'wake me up' range which included this concealer.

This little tube of wonders corrects both my redness and blueness, hides my dark circles, and covers my spots without being noticeably harsh. Some days I can get away with only wearing this concealer and no BB Cream. It really does work wonders! 



I love the consistency, it's a creamy liquid that you don't need too much of. I'm not a fan of the wand, but do use it to initially apply the concealer if I'm in a rush. I usually, however, apply the concealer to the back of my hand and use my real techniques concealer brush. 

I've seen this product popping up all over the blogosphere recently - have you tried this product? Would you try it? Have you found any concealers that work wonders for you? 

Thanks for reading x 


  1. This is my favourite concealer at the moment too - I mainly use it to cover up dark circles as it has a brightening effect and I love it! Today I'm not wearing any make-up at all, just a little of this on my under eye area and to conceal a little redness around my nose and it's perfect! I didn't particularly like the foundation version, but this has surpassed my expectations.. ! :) x

    Rachael |

    1. I didn't like the foundation either- I struggle quite a lot to get the right match to my skin tone as well as a consistency I like - fussy or what!
      -Laura Emily x