Monday, 14 July 2014


Hiya! I'm currently using the Blogger app.. I posted my previous post using the app, and am writing this post using the app. 

My first thoughts are how hard it is to format posts unless you know simple html. This is annoying for me as I have to swap between the app and a web page. 

With this comes the inability to change fonts, where you want images to be and what size you want them to be, apart from bold and italic. 

On the other hand, inserting images seems to be a lot easier than on the web pages! All you have to do is click the camera icon and insert the photo - pretty much like Instagram/Twitter etc! 

Viewing your blog is just like viewing the mobile site, so no difference there! It's quite sleek and simple to use, and it's easy to swap between blogs if you have multiple blogs. 

I think the formatting of this picture really captures how hard it is to do! For some reason my text will go no higher - frustrating!! 

The settings are quite limited and I do not like this:

It is easy to see and edit each post which is useful for adding labels if you have missed some out. 

For bloggers that are away from a laptop for a length of time, it is easy to schedule posts, edit posts and write posts using the app. I do not feel that it is a long term solution though. 

How do you feel about the app? Could it be improved? 

Thanks for reading! -Laura Emily


  1. Eh, I have mixed feelings on this app! So easy to work on a post, but having to switch over to a computer/laptop to reformat everything is a bit of a pain!


    1. I completely agree, I'm going to have to reformat everything when I get back onto a laptop!
      -Laura Emily x