Sunday, 3 August 2014


It's kind of a weird thing having your life splashed across social media.. If it's not you writing things on facebook, twitter, tumblr or YouTube, you're texting. And if it's not you it's someone gossiping about you.
I got a bit stressed about this for the past week, so chose to take a break from blogging whilst getting myself comfortable and surrounding myself with friends.

I haven't been lazy, however. I have planned out my next blog posts... Okay,  I haven't written them up, but I do have a set plan and feel a lot better about myself for taking the time out to re-evaluate blogging and my life. I'm not a 'big' or 'popular' blogger, but the community is always there to support you when you're feeling down about a simple number count on a page.

What made me feel a lot better about this whole thing is the views when I'm not even promoting myself. These figures mean that someone is looking because they want to, I haven't made anyone, by saying "HEY, LOOK, THIS IS MY BRAND LOOK PLZ".. People have been commenting and it's made a real difference!

Since being gone, I've bought furniture for my new flat, been 'out out' a couple of times and had a fab week with friends!

All photos have been taken on various phones at various stages of drinking.. Explains a lot really..
As always, thank-you for taking your time reading this post, it means a lot to me. I always reply to comments and I love hearing from you! 


  1. Hello! I have nominated you for the The Liebster Award !
    Here is my post for more info about it


    1. Thank you, I have now completed my nomination :) x