Thursday, 21 August 2014


On the 7th August I was nominated by the fabulous Naomi-Rose of Thank-you so much!
On my previous post, I expressed how much the community means to me, and this nomination adds to those initial feelings. 


The rules for this award are: 
You must answer all questions that are given to you
Must link back to the person that nominated you
Nominate 11 bloggers who have less than 200 followers
Provide nominees with 11 questions of your choice
Cannot nominate the person who nominated you
Must inform nominees of your nomination
Provide nominees with a link to your post for more info


My questions from Naomi-Rose: 

1. What's your favourite make up brand? 
My favourite high street brand is currently Rimmel, and my heart is with Urban Decay for high end make up.

2. If you could only save one thing in a house fire (except people & pets) what would you save?
I'm a super duper child when it comes to this - I would save my beloved blanket that has been patched up several times over! 

3. What is your dream job?
I find this question really hard.. I'm about to go into my second year of university and don't know what my real job aims are, let alone a dream job!
I'd love to do PR for events and festivals.. So maybe that IS my dream job!  

4. Whats your favourite movie? (I need suggestions of what new to watch!)
I have so many! Finding Nemo, Donnie Darko, A Clockwork Orange, Rock of Ages, Forrest Gump...

5. Tea or coffee?
Neither thank-you very much! 

6. What shop do you spend the most in?
I spend a LOT of time in Superdrug. A lot.. And Primark. You just have to route around in there!

7. What made you start blogging?
I had watched vloggers on YouTube and then found the beauty blogging community.. From there I had the urge but no motivation to join in.. Somehow I found that motivation around Christmas and have been blogging ever since!

8. Do you have a Youtube channel? 
I do have a YouTube channel, however all I have on there is me falling off a horse.. One for You've Been Framed?

9. Are you scared of anything?
Thunder.. I get pretty anxious in the dark but I'm not really scared of the dark. Just what's in the dark. 

10. Biggest accomplishment so far? 
My biggest accomplishment is the ability to present in front of a group of people. Being so anxious about this before uni, I'd stay awake all night. After this year it has built my confidence up and I'm getting there with speaking to people!

11. If you could be someone for one day, who would you want to be?
I am also super struggling with this one - I really don't know! I think I'll just be me.. 


I nominate: 
Lil of


My questions for you are:

1. If you were to be one Disney princess, who would you be and why? 

2. If you were only allowed to choose between blush and lip colour, which would you choose? 

3. Where would you most like to travel to either home or abroad? 

4. What do you most like to blog about? 

5. Who is your favourite blogger/YouTuber? 

6. Do you believe in love at first sight? 

7. What is your favourite clothing brand? 

8. High End vs. High Street beauty? 

9. What is your staple fashion piece? 

10. What was your worst fashion faux pas? 

11. What makes you proud? 


I can't wait to see your answers! 


  1. I love your film choices! it's coincidence to having read this before the Newark Blogger Meet, see you then!


    1. Can't wait to meet you, if we have the same taste in film it's going to be super rad :) x

  2. Thanks for nominating me! I will get around to doing this, unfortunately I'm just a bit busy right now! Thanks again! :D

  3. I'm typing this up as we speak, think a new rule is going to be added 'follow the people your nominating' as I'm sure that was one a year ago when I did this haha.. As the point of the post is to discover new blogs.. :)


    1. I wish people did follow everyone they nominated! x