Tuesday, 28 October 2014


This make-up look is for a dead/dying/zombie fairy. Following this post there is an outfit!
For how I produced this look, scroll to the bottom!

My favourite part about creating this look was trying to incorporate the prettiness of fairies with an ugly concept. I loved putting the glitter into the 'wounds', as if I was bleeding glitter. 

Benefit Porefessional 
Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer
Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation
Snazaroo White Face Paint
Benefit Hoola
Urban Decay Backdoor (brown eye shadow)
Urban Decay Primer Potion
MUA Merged Trio in Theatrics
MUA Intense Colour Eyeliner in Jet Black
Barry M Eyeliner in Red
Urban Decay Perversion Mascara
MUA Luxe in Kooky
Palmers Lip Balm
Barry M Glitter Dust

Powder Blood
Eco Tools Foundation Brush
Nanshy Blending Brush
Jelly Pong Pong Powder Brush
Barry M Shadow Brush

1. Base: Apply your usual base make up routine, but instead of using your usual highlighter, use a white facepaint and blend. For your contour, use a dark brow, grey or black, or heavily contour using your usual bronzer. I used Backdoor by Urban Decay for this.
Don't forget to heavily contour your nose, temples, and inner corners of your eyes.

2. Eyes: Apply an eye primer. For this look I wanted something sparkly and magical, the MUA Merged Trios are perfect!
I applied a purple shade all over my lid, blending it out to create a smoky look. I then went in with a black/golden shade to my crease and upper lash line. I then went in with a pencil liner to create a wing. 

On the lower lash line, I used the same shade as I used to contour with, and brought this down further than usual, to make it a little more messy. I then put the red eyeliner on my waterline and blended this with the brown shade. I did this three times to create intensity.

Apply your usual mascara. 

3. Lips: Using a matte purple lipgloss/stick, place the colour on the centre of the lips and blend out - this creates a dehydrated look.

4. Blood and Glitter: Get creative!
I used lipbalm where I wanted the wounds on my face, then applied the powder over the top, making the blood into a paste before adding water via a pipette.
I made wounds on the temples, where there was contouring, the corners of my mouth, my right eye, left cheek, and chin.
Finally, I added glitter to the wounds and the blood. 

Monday, 13 October 2014


This has been my go-to Autumnul look, combining a dark berry lip with a smokey grey eye. 
It reminds me of oil when it's combined with water, due to the purples and blues I have used to add a pop in the inner and outer corners that is only visible in certain lights - spooky and witchy! I used the Smoked Palette to create this look. The lipstick also has a slight shimmer. 

All over lid - brown/grey: Mushroom by Urban Decay
Inner corner - blue: Evidence by Urban Decay
Outer corner and blended - purple: Rockstar by Urban Decay
Liner - dark grey: Asphalt by Urban Decay
Mascara: Subversion and Perversion by Urban Decay
Blush: Orgasm by Nars
Highlighter: MUA
Lipstick: Avon - Similar shade found by Revlon

Saturday, 11 October 2014


Von Schweetz 
Blackberry bath-bomb
Candy Mountain bubble-bar
An old pair of tights

When using bubble-bars, I break the bar in two, so I can get two baths out of one product whilst still having lots and lots of bubbles! I find the best way to use bubble-bars is to cut a pair of tights up into several sections. I then place the bar into the section, tie the ends together, and attach it to my tap and run the water over it. 

This cocktail makes me feel like I've been transported into the world of Sugar Rush in Wreck-it-Ralph! It is a sweet cocktail that isn't overpowering - the bath bomb tones down the scent of Candy Mountain. 

Friday, 10 October 2014


These posts are always a bit love/hate, however I'd love to show you my piercings. Although I do not have many, I understand how addictive piercings can be, and I also understand that they are not for everyone. I will provide anyone with information if they have any questions, but I am not going to go into the method or after-care in this post. 

Here is a list of my piercings:

Lobe piercings - 2005
Pinna/Helix - 2012
Rook - 2013
Second lobe piercings - 2014
Septum - 2014 

Rook - I have since taken this out due to how annoyed I got with cleaning it, the placement is super annoying sometimes!

Septum - I love this piercing, however, although I don't regret having it, sometimes I wish it were more easy to hide. Luckily there are retainers/bars available for those who want to. 

Pinna/Helix - Mine is placed quite high, which I quite like! I call my ears 'flappy', so did not believe that a helix piercing would suit me further down.. But now I want more... 

Do you love or hate piercings? What would you super love to get? 

Wednesday, 8 October 2014


I really really super love high waisted jeans. They make me look and feel a whole lot more confident in my body, even giving me the ability to wear crop tops, due to the fit covering my undesirable bits! I put this outfit together as my Autumn/Winter go to casual! 

Eyebrows - Soap and Glory Archery. Winged Eye Liner - Soap and Glory Supercat. Dark Berry Lip, Starry Eyed Lasting Finish Lipstick by Rimmel.

Crochet Cropped Jumper - Divided @ H&M. Cami Crop Top - Cameo Rose @ New Look. Jeans - Topshop Joni 

I love the fine knit on the jumper, and how slimming the overall black look is. The pop of colour on the lips turns it from a dull outfit to a simple witchy yet sophisticated Autumnal look. I clipped my hair out of my face simply due to having this as a comfy, cosy uni outfit.
I love pairing it with Docs on a rainy day, or Wedged cut out/cleated shoes on a brighter day - which also adds some height! 

Have you found your perfect comfy casual Autumn/Winter outfit yet? How do you find the high-waisted trend? 

Tuesday, 7 October 2014


On the Friday that the new Season Lush products came out, I rushed over after my lecture and arrived at 10:15 with a HUGE grin on my face.
I already had a list, but did not want to go too Christmas crazy, so stuck more to the Hallowe'en and Bonfire Night products..
I love the more citrus smells! 

Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar. I love the smell of this, it is a sweet citrus scent that isn't too strong. The texture feels like fondant! I only used half of this in a bath, and popped in cinders as my first Winter Lush cocktail! The glitter gets everywhere, but you hardly notice the shimmer on your skin after the bath. 

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar. Although I have never really been a fan of the sweeter Lush stuff, this smells divine. It reminds me of chewits, or refreshers.. That kind of stretchy sweet! It has the same scents as Creamy Candy which can be enjoyed year round. 

Northern Lights Bath Bomb. When I saw Northern Lights, I instantly thought 'wow'! It's a different shape.. Anything that's in a different shape in Lush, everyone goes crazy for! It is a slow fizzer, making your bath turn into the night sky, it's really really beautiful! The scent is really relaxing just before bed. 

Wizard Bubble Bar. Just look at this cute lil' guy!! He's so cute but smells so good! I can't wait to use this orangey magical goodness! 

Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt. This is my favourite Lush product full stop - I bought two! This is the most citrus scented thing in Lush.. It smells of limes really really really strongly! I refuse to take it out of the packet until I want to use it.. The sparkles get EVERYwhere.. You can see the oils through the packet as well. It is so shimmery, and the bath turns an amazing turquoise colour, and leaves your skin feeling super super soft, I cannot rave about this product enough!

Cinders Bath Bomb. The final product I bought from the season's range is Cinders. I buy this every year and I love the popping candy, which just keeps popping even after the bomb has dissolved! It has a really festive scent without being toooo Christmassy. It is sweet and spicy, with cinnamon, almond and oranges. 

Blackberry Bath Bomb. Finally, I repurchased Blackberry bath bomb, which I love to add to Sunnyside Bubble Bar as an all year round Lush Cocktail. 

Next on my Lush list are:
Snow Fairy
Christmas Penguin
Drummers Drumming 

What are you loving at Lush this season? What are your favourite regular products?