Tuesday, 7 October 2014


On the Friday that the new Season Lush products came out, I rushed over after my lecture and arrived at 10:15 with a HUGE grin on my face.
I already had a list, but did not want to go too Christmas crazy, so stuck more to the Hallowe'en and Bonfire Night products..
I love the more citrus smells! 

Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar. I love the smell of this, it is a sweet citrus scent that isn't too strong. The texture feels like fondant! I only used half of this in a bath, and popped in cinders as my first Winter Lush cocktail! The glitter gets everywhere, but you hardly notice the shimmer on your skin after the bath. 

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar. Although I have never really been a fan of the sweeter Lush stuff, this smells divine. It reminds me of chewits, or refreshers.. That kind of stretchy sweet! It has the same scents as Creamy Candy which can be enjoyed year round. 

Northern Lights Bath Bomb. When I saw Northern Lights, I instantly thought 'wow'! It's a different shape.. Anything that's in a different shape in Lush, everyone goes crazy for! It is a slow fizzer, making your bath turn into the night sky, it's really really beautiful! The scent is really relaxing just before bed. 

Wizard Bubble Bar. Just look at this cute lil' guy!! He's so cute but smells so good! I can't wait to use this orangey magical goodness! 

Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt. This is my favourite Lush product full stop - I bought two! This is the most citrus scented thing in Lush.. It smells of limes really really really strongly! I refuse to take it out of the packet until I want to use it.. The sparkles get EVERYwhere.. You can see the oils through the packet as well. It is so shimmery, and the bath turns an amazing turquoise colour, and leaves your skin feeling super super soft, I cannot rave about this product enough!

Cinders Bath Bomb. The final product I bought from the season's range is Cinders. I buy this every year and I love the popping candy, which just keeps popping even after the bomb has dissolved! It has a really festive scent without being toooo Christmassy. It is sweet and spicy, with cinnamon, almond and oranges. 

Blackberry Bath Bomb. Finally, I repurchased Blackberry bath bomb, which I love to add to Sunnyside Bubble Bar as an all year round Lush Cocktail. 

Next on my Lush list are:
Snow Fairy
Christmas Penguin
Drummers Drumming 

What are you loving at Lush this season? What are your favourite regular products?

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