Friday, 10 October 2014


These posts are always a bit love/hate, however I'd love to show you my piercings. Although I do not have many, I understand how addictive piercings can be, and I also understand that they are not for everyone. I will provide anyone with information if they have any questions, but I am not going to go into the method or after-care in this post. 

Here is a list of my piercings:

Lobe piercings - 2005
Pinna/Helix - 2012
Rook - 2013
Second lobe piercings - 2014
Septum - 2014 

Rook - I have since taken this out due to how annoyed I got with cleaning it, the placement is super annoying sometimes!

Septum - I love this piercing, however, although I don't regret having it, sometimes I wish it were more easy to hide. Luckily there are retainers/bars available for those who want to. 

Pinna/Helix - Mine is placed quite high, which I quite like! I call my ears 'flappy', so did not believe that a helix piercing would suit me further down.. But now I want more... 

Do you love or hate piercings? What would you super love to get? 

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