Tuesday, 18 November 2014


(Photo not taken by myself)

On the 16th November, I cycled into town to attend the (first?!) Lincoln Bloggers Club Meet, arranged by the super lovely Aimee of Aimee Belle. We firstly visited Lush Lincoln, and then Rock, Paper, Scissors with a talk by Suzie from Xenca, with added scrummy tea and cake! This post will feature Lush - the next post will feature developed photos. 

As always when I'm in town, I got a duck and hoisin sauce wrap from Boots, avoiding the make-up. I then met up with Tasnim and Frankie before heading to Lush. 

 Holly GoLightly
The Christmas Penguin 

Lush were so lovely to show us the six new shampoo bars coming your way next week. These include: Jason and the Argan Oil, Brazilliant, Lullaby, Copperhead, Montalbano, and Honey I Washed my Hair.
Montalbano stood out by far - the strong scent of fresh lemons filled by citrus cravings right up - I always always sway towards the citrussy scents in Lush.. I would also love to see the results with Copperhead - this contains Henna (the design is also super rad..)

Adding to how kindly amazing Lush were, was reflected in our bags:

 Creamy Candy Bubble Bar 

 From Dusk 'til Dawn Massage Bar 

I also treated myself to two things from the Christmas range - I promised myself I wouldn't buy anything, but I just got so pulled in.. Lush also kindly threw in Fizzbanger. I used this in my bath as soon as I got home, and had some bubbles with Sparkly Pumpkin as well. 

 Luxury Lush Pud
The Melting Snowman

Thankyou again to Aimee for organising such a chilled meet up, see you again for part 2 of this post!


  1. Hey lovely, really glad you came :)
    (I didn't take the photo though - I'm in it!)
    Your photos are wonderful. Fab post, and I hope you can make part two of Lincoln Bloggers Club as well as part two of the post ;)

    1. Who took it - sorry! I asked John to begin with who directed me to you, I'll amend the post :)
      Ooooh, who knows, I'll be around Lincoln anyway! I'm definitely up for cocktails :) x