Friday, 30 January 2015


After getting Slipknot tickets as an early Christmas present, my excitement grew until I travelled to Birmingham on the 27th January. 
The Birmingham date was sold out, filling the newly renovated Barclaycard arena from top seats to the fans at the front, no one sitting, everyone ready.
This is the third time I have seen Slipknot, the first time being their first headline set at Download 2009, and then Download 2013 - so yes, this is the first time I have been to one of their own tours!  

Whilst we completely missed King 810, we were not particularly bothered. However, Korn were brilliant. Fantastic. A lot of Korn fans were in the crowd - which I expected due to many fans of Slipknot also being fans of Korn - as a generalisation. I wasn't too fussed due to hearing them and seeing them previously at Download, and being like 'yep, they ite', but now I might just get into them a little more.. I could also join in a little with Freak on a Leash, owing to growing up watching music channels such as Kerrang! and Scuzz, and listening to the radio (so metal..). Their stage presence was second to none. Having done a full UK tour, and as the last tour date, the energy was still there. I felt like Slipknot now had to live up to Korn, rather than the other way around. Set list below: 

Here to Stay
Right Now
Love & Meth
Falling Away from Me
Good God
Shoots and Ladders
Y'all Want a Single
Freak on a Leash

This energy, I feel, was not so pronounced during Slipknot's set. I personally found that Corey, particularly, lacked the energy that I have seen him with before with Slipknot. 
This did not, however, stop the energy of the crowd, it was electric. I feel like those who have not seen Slipknot before had such a treat with their pyro, lighting, and staging - though I am a sucker for production! It really was a stage show, not merely for the staging but also each individual member giving us an individual show to create what is Slipknot. 

(Slipknot & Korn perform at Nottingham, Source)

I am a fan of their earliest album, so hearing Eyeless, (sic), Wait and Bleed, Spit it Out, and Surfacing was a personal treat to my ears. From their new album, I felt their best performance was of Custer. Whilst my favourite song of .5 is AOV, I can give a neutral view towards the other tracks. The set had a perfect mix of Slipknot over the years, and now I cannot wait for Download - and maybe I'll be buzzing from the entire day with an amount of alcohol in my system, getting the fcuk down won't hurt so much.. (-Drink aware!-)
And after thousands of sweaty beer covered people left the arena, McDonald's and bed beckoned. (Again, so metal). Set list below:  

The Heretic Anthem
My Plague
The Devil in I
 The Negative One
Three Nill
Before I Forget
Wait and Bleed
Spit it Out
People = Shit

Tuesday, 20 January 2015


Girl at a Gig

Girl at a Gig by laura-rix

The Gothic Shop Shredded Jeans £39.50
H&M Trousers £19.99
Cameo Rose Crop £5
Palladium Boots @ Office £44 Sale 

When choosing outfits for things I always say the same thing which I am going to assume we all do.Whilst we stare at our wardrobe full of clothes, we state 'I HAVEN'T GOT A THING TO WEAR'. My issue is what am I going to wear to Slipknot..
However, due to my purchase of these wonderful Palladium boots, I have the shoe thing covered. The problem was the outfit..
I've been to enough gigs to know the varying amount of movement a crowd can get, from my feet being firmly planted in place at a Fall Out Boy gig, to being thrown off my feet in the depths of Rammstein.
I have opted for my usual black, teaming a crop with a pair of shiny trousers, but I wish I owned the gorgeous shredded jeans. With this, I will wear my SOPHIE wristband, this will be the only jewellery I will wear. I wore a choker to Download and fairly quickly realised my mistake.
I am debating wearing contact lenses or an old pair of glasses more likely to stay on my face unlike my everyday pair.

What do you think? Are you going to any gigs or festivals this year?

Sunday, 18 January 2015


H&M Winter Grunge

H&M Winter Grunge by laura-rix 

Bangle £3.99
Trousers £19.99
Body Jewellery £6.99
Jacket £20 Sale
Slayer crop £12.99
Boots £30
Outfit Cost: £93.96

H&M have some lovely stuff to compliment any style.
I went on a search for something grungy and metal to satisfy my taste in music. To decorate, I added the stunning jewellery body piece and a simple bangle.

Although I feel shamed for adding a piece of band merch from a non-official source, I really super love the style of this top, it's right up my street, as I don't always dress as above - I could dress it down with some high waisted jeans or a skirt.

I think any shoes would compliment this outfit, leather jackets are common, and instead of pleather trousers, skinnies could look amazing. I would only be buying the top and jewellery, bringing my total spend to £23.97, totally transferable!

I love to be a bit grungey with my style, adding a piece to an outfit rather than a whole outfit just to show off my personality. 

Tuesday, 6 January 2015


Happy After-Christmas-New-Year-Time!

I hope you're all doing well and had a wonderful festive season!
I certainly did, getting to catch up with friends and family, my dog, and others that make my life super special, including getting to visit a family friend who I only get to see once a year due to them living abroad.

The first meeting allowed friends that have been in Wales, Leicestershire and Lincolnshire to reunite with a few drinks and a pub quiz - choosing the name 'The Losers', living up to this name, and consequently winning a collection of VHS's.. Yep. 

For Christmas, I got many many wonderful gifts from my family, which included Lush products, Benefit essentials and Majorette, a memorial poppy and lots.. And lots.. Of music! From my friends, I gained another jar glass to fill with yummy drinks, more bath time treats, and the ever funny TV series Impractical Jokers - something which me and the boyfriend watch regularly without fail. 

I also got to go to Generations gig in Stoke, a metal covers band. Though overwhelmed by small venues and new people, I did enjoy the night. A very tired five of us made our way back across the Midlands the following day, trying to keep our eyes open, fuelled on cookies, coke and subs. 


New Years Eve was spent at the pub quiz, which we fantastically lost yet again, resulting in a £5 bar tab. 'The Losers' will, one day, win. Maybe. Probably not.. 

I have now returned to uni to complete two exams, and then I have more freedom..
Enjoy the time you've got left, and if you're already back at school, work, uni, college.. Just keep going!!