Sunday, 18 January 2015


H&M Winter Grunge

H&M Winter Grunge by laura-rix 

Bangle £3.99
Trousers £19.99
Body Jewellery £6.99
Jacket £20 Sale
Slayer crop £12.99
Boots £30
Outfit Cost: £93.96

H&M have some lovely stuff to compliment any style.
I went on a search for something grungy and metal to satisfy my taste in music. To decorate, I added the stunning jewellery body piece and a simple bangle.

Although I feel shamed for adding a piece of band merch from a non-official source, I really super love the style of this top, it's right up my street, as I don't always dress as above - I could dress it down with some high waisted jeans or a skirt.

I think any shoes would compliment this outfit, leather jackets are common, and instead of pleather trousers, skinnies could look amazing. I would only be buying the top and jewellery, bringing my total spend to £23.97, totally transferable!

I love to be a bit grungey with my style, adding a piece to an outfit rather than a whole outfit just to show off my personality. 


  1. You fashion sense is great - I want to take you with me shopping some time! :')

    Frankie x

    1. We'll definitely have to have a spree at some point! :) x