Tuesday, 6 January 2015


Happy After-Christmas-New-Year-Time!

I hope you're all doing well and had a wonderful festive season!
I certainly did, getting to catch up with friends and family, my dog, and others that make my life super special, including getting to visit a family friend who I only get to see once a year due to them living abroad.

The first meeting allowed friends that have been in Wales, Leicestershire and Lincolnshire to reunite with a few drinks and a pub quiz - choosing the name 'The Losers', living up to this name, and consequently winning a collection of VHS's.. Yep. 

For Christmas, I got many many wonderful gifts from my family, which included Lush products, Benefit essentials and Majorette, a memorial poppy and lots.. And lots.. Of music! From my friends, I gained another jar glass to fill with yummy drinks, more bath time treats, and the ever funny TV series Impractical Jokers - something which me and the boyfriend watch regularly without fail. 

I also got to go to Generations gig in Stoke, a metal covers band. Though overwhelmed by small venues and new people, I did enjoy the night. A very tired five of us made our way back across the Midlands the following day, trying to keep our eyes open, fuelled on cookies, coke and subs. 


New Years Eve was spent at the pub quiz, which we fantastically lost yet again, resulting in a £5 bar tab. 'The Losers' will, one day, win. Maybe. Probably not.. 

I have now returned to uni to complete two exams, and then I have more freedom..
Enjoy the time you've got left, and if you're already back at school, work, uni, college.. Just keep going!! 

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