Wednesday, 25 February 2015


I have included links to albums and songs in this post.


Appealing to my calmer taste in music, Hozier provides catchy yet meaningful tunes. It's brilliant to chill to, reminding me of modern blues with an edge from the wonderful Irish voice.
From Eden - Hozier
Take me to Church - Live on Jools Holland


With Enter Shikari's recent release of The Mindsweep, I've been listening to Take to the Skies a lot, taking me right back to where they started. Indeed, Mindsweep is very similar to their roots, but I don't believe they would step away from who they truly are.
I have also been listening to A Flash Flood of Colour as I have been overplaying Common Dreads..
Shikari both provide an anger outlet as well as a few calming songs, begging for you to listen and question the world in which we live. 

Johnny Sniper//Full Album - Take to the Skies
Constellations - A Flash Flood of Colour
Anaesthetist - The Mindsweep


This has been a non-stop car album every time I'm driving home. With songs to make you cry, happy, angry, there really is an emotional journey throughout this album. I feel like everyone would be able to get into Slipknot through this album.

Custer - Live on Tour
AOV - .5
Killpop - .5



Drown - Live on Tour

As a single not released on any album, this is pretty special. It caused some controversy, being different from BMTH's usual stuff, and getting some time on radio, not during the rock show (as Shikari also have been). It's super catchy but still has that edge to it. It's really just a guilty pleasure. 

Monday, 23 February 2015


Sex Bomb @Lush
Secret Garden @ Lush
Rose @ Lush

My partner returned with a bag of Lush goodies for me, including some of the Mother's Day range, and the ever faithful Sex Bomb.

These are all products I haven't tried, but am looking forward to reviewing.

Happy bath time! 

Friday, 20 February 2015


Face masks are a real pamper day treat, and Superdrug's range are really appealing. Like most Superdrug products, their masks are cruelty free. Their masks are also a steal at 99p! But what really appealed to me with the Manuka Honey Mask was that it was peel-off. When I'm so relaxed, the idea of having to messily wash a mask away feels like a real chore, so peeling a mask off sounded like a better option. 

 When I first opened the packet and applied to my face, they honey smell was particularly pungent, and gave me a headache for a fair few minutes - this mask is definitely for those that like honey. It is also has a fairly floral scent to it, and the honey smell did seem to go away after a little while, leaving a more delicate scent. 

Applying the product was easy, and all could be used up with no dregs left in the packet. It is a smooth consistency that feels lovely and not too heavy on the skin, which begins to dry almost immediately. The mask should then be left on between 10-20 minutes, and I left it on for the full 20 minutes. Even within this time, it did not feel like it was overly pulling my skin, which some masks feel like they do. 

Removing the mask was also easy, all I had to do was find a corner where I hadn't applied the mask and pull! It looked all scaly but was definitely part of the fun and really satisfying.. The grown up version of pulling PVA off your fingers. 

After removing the mask, I immediately noticed a difference with the clarity of my skin. It seemed brighter and lighter, as well as less blackheads and redness, as if the mask had calmed my skin right down. This, according to the product information, is due to the honey and chamomile  which is nourishing and cleansing. 

This is currently my favourite Superdrug mask, as it seems to benefit my skin the most. I have also tried the Superfruits Clay Mask, and one of their self-heating range masks, of which I am really excited to try the Chocolate Orange mask.

The masks mentioned in this post were given to me as part of goodie bags put together by Frankie during the Newark Blogger Meet, and Aimee during the Lincoln Bloggers Club Meet Up.   

I really need to get back on track with my skincare, and Superdrug provide that cheap, self-preserving way to do so.
Do you have any skincare tips or favourite masks? 

Wednesday, 18 February 2015


 Jumper @ Vintage
Scarf @ Vintage
Ankle Leggings @ 
Heels @ M&S

A throwback to Summer 2013, where it really wasn't all that warm. I teamed a simple outfit with some nude heels.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Everyone likes pizza, right?
My first surprise of Valentines was a meal at Pizza Express Lincoln on Friday - my all time favourite place for pizza.. It's just so yummy! I also wore my brand new Iron Fist dress - a dream to wear.. Oh how I do love my grungey side!

Loose Tooth Dress @ Iron Fist Sale

My partner had already booked the table in advance, so it was all ready and waiting for us.. He even knew I'd want dough balls so asked for them straight away - I even got to have all of the garlic butter.. The pros of having a fussy-eater-friend. 
A double portion of our famous dough balls served with a trio of dips: pesto, garlic butter and 'nduja, an Italian favourite of spicy softened sausage and olive oil

When it came to the main, I didn't know what to have. I normally go for a calzone or something a little less pricey, but as it was Valentine's, I went for the most expensive Romana, the Mare Rossa. I could personally not taste the bisque, or any of the base really, and there wasn't enough salmon for the price paid. However, in all, though a little spicy, it was lovely!
Prawn and oak-roasted salmon with tenderstem broccoli,spinach, garlic, chilli flakes and mozzarella on a lobster bisque, b├ęchamel and passata base, finished with fresh parsley and Gran Moravia cheese

Finishing with dessert, it was a tough choice between the Chocolate Cheesecake and the Honeycomb Cream Slice.. I went for the Honeycomb.. I'm a real sucker for salted caramel. It was served with what I call 'proper' ice cream.. That is, made with vanilla pod and tasting exactly right. In all honesty, I could have had a meal of desserts - that is how good the desserts are in Pizza Express..
Sweet honeycomb and chocolate pieces in a light cream, on a layer of salted caramel and crunchy biscuit

What's your favourite restaurant? Do you stay in or go out on Valentines? 

Thursday, 12 February 2015


I've somehow found a place where my boyfriend is really appreciative but confused by my gifts.. They appear to suit him so well that he is surprised at my gift giving abilities, because he himself didn't realise exactly what he needed. He even uses the boxes they come in to store the things I buy.. The little things eh..

I have given him some little gifts before Valtentine's including a card from Paperchase. Their range is absolutely amazing and quirky - I went for a card that had T-Rex's attempting to hug with blushing cheeks, but not quite being able to reach..

Cards @ Paperchase

After buying himself a cleanser and some sample moisturisers from Lush, and telling me he'd run out of toner tabs after buying these things, it occurred to me to rush into town for some toner tabs he hadn't yet tried.. 

Dream Steam @ Lush

As he is a lover of words, I'd spied a book at Waterstones - it is a word a day journal, filling in one word everyday for a year by Knock Knock Stuff.. A simple yet fun idea which he promises to keep up with.. 

Word a Day @ WaterstonesKnockKnockStuff

Wednesday, 11 February 2015


Boyfriends come second.. You can see them all the time, it's just another day. Besides, boys are smelly. I mean really really smelly!
So a better way to spend your day is with your girlfriends.. Get a little tipsy, talk about boy-mishaps, gorge yourself on chocolate and dance the night away - traffic light party alert!

Whilst I love my partner very much, a trip over to see my friends is what I need in regular intervals. During this time, it's also amazing to celebrate independence and strength, or, girl power! Don't need no man. 

This brings me to the visit that took place today, simply to give Christmas and Valentine's presents ended in a longer stay than intended, playing with cats and dogs, balloons, listening to music and having a girly chat and catching up, before her kicking me out for work - I didn't mind, I needed to get home anyway!

I'm not going to tell you what to get a friend, it should be personal, but I did find that Tesco were particularly helpful in the ability to find things to suit the taste I was looking for!
Galaxy 390g Bar £3 @ Tesco

Who doesn't love chocolate? Especially in large quantities! I promised chocolate would be coming my bestfriends way, but I'm not sure she quite expected this.. 

Single and Fabulous Gingerbread Cookie £1 each @ Tesco Bakery 

Single women know how to enjoy themselves better than those in relationships.. These cookies were both really yummy, and super cute in design. 

Spongebob Mouldable Bath Soap £2.15 @ Tesco

Now for the personal jokes.. She's a lover of Spongebob.. What more can I say..
But this looked so awesome, I really want to know how it works.. 'mouldable soap'? The only thing I can think of is Lush's Fun, but if this works what can I say..

Archers 70cl £11 Offer @ Tesco

You know the alcohol I mentioned earlier? Yep. 

Illoom heart balloons - unavailable online, similar shown. £3.50 @ Tesco

How do you show your friends your love? Does it need a special day like Valentine's?

Sunday, 8 February 2015


I think the reference to Bowie in this post title adequately reflects the content of this post and my reflections lately..

After struggling to like my page for a long while, feeling like it didn't reflect myself yet the content of my posts were changing and getting better. Last week I finally snapped and redesigned my blog. I'm not a swirly wirly gal, but the font at the time reflected how I wanted my blog to be. Now I've grown into blogging for just over a year, I am comfortable with what I want it now to be. 

The font and images now reflect my 'punk rocker with flowers in her hair' tagline; I go to metal gigs, rock clubs and festivals. I'm into girly things with a bit of grunge. I want this to be me, not a version of me. 

Hopefully the content of my posts and my personality is more recognisable now, but I'd love to hear your thoughts, much love to you all!