Friday, 20 February 2015


Face masks are a real pamper day treat, and Superdrug's range are really appealing. Like most Superdrug products, their masks are cruelty free. Their masks are also a steal at 99p! But what really appealed to me with the Manuka Honey Mask was that it was peel-off. When I'm so relaxed, the idea of having to messily wash a mask away feels like a real chore, so peeling a mask off sounded like a better option. 

 When I first opened the packet and applied to my face, they honey smell was particularly pungent, and gave me a headache for a fair few minutes - this mask is definitely for those that like honey. It is also has a fairly floral scent to it, and the honey smell did seem to go away after a little while, leaving a more delicate scent. 

Applying the product was easy, and all could be used up with no dregs left in the packet. It is a smooth consistency that feels lovely and not too heavy on the skin, which begins to dry almost immediately. The mask should then be left on between 10-20 minutes, and I left it on for the full 20 minutes. Even within this time, it did not feel like it was overly pulling my skin, which some masks feel like they do. 

Removing the mask was also easy, all I had to do was find a corner where I hadn't applied the mask and pull! It looked all scaly but was definitely part of the fun and really satisfying.. The grown up version of pulling PVA off your fingers. 

After removing the mask, I immediately noticed a difference with the clarity of my skin. It seemed brighter and lighter, as well as less blackheads and redness, as if the mask had calmed my skin right down. This, according to the product information, is due to the honey and chamomile  which is nourishing and cleansing. 

This is currently my favourite Superdrug mask, as it seems to benefit my skin the most. I have also tried the Superfruits Clay Mask, and one of their self-heating range masks, of which I am really excited to try the Chocolate Orange mask.

The masks mentioned in this post were given to me as part of goodie bags put together by Frankie during the Newark Blogger Meet, and Aimee during the Lincoln Bloggers Club Meet Up.   

I really need to get back on track with my skincare, and Superdrug provide that cheap, self-preserving way to do so.
Do you have any skincare tips or favourite masks? 


  1. It makes your skin look lovely! I don't usually use any face masks other than Lush's Mask Of Magnaminty, but these can be an exception ;)

    Frankie x

    1. I just find Lush's masks so fussy!
      I love them, but I like quickness..