Wednesday, 25 February 2015


I have included links to albums and songs in this post.


Appealing to my calmer taste in music, Hozier provides catchy yet meaningful tunes. It's brilliant to chill to, reminding me of modern blues with an edge from the wonderful Irish voice.
From Eden - Hozier
Take me to Church - Live on Jools Holland


With Enter Shikari's recent release of The Mindsweep, I've been listening to Take to the Skies a lot, taking me right back to where they started. Indeed, Mindsweep is very similar to their roots, but I don't believe they would step away from who they truly are.
I have also been listening to A Flash Flood of Colour as I have been overplaying Common Dreads..
Shikari both provide an anger outlet as well as a few calming songs, begging for you to listen and question the world in which we live. 

Johnny Sniper//Full Album - Take to the Skies
Constellations - A Flash Flood of Colour
Anaesthetist - The Mindsweep


This has been a non-stop car album every time I'm driving home. With songs to make you cry, happy, angry, there really is an emotional journey throughout this album. I feel like everyone would be able to get into Slipknot through this album.

Custer - Live on Tour
AOV - .5
Killpop - .5



Drown - Live on Tour

As a single not released on any album, this is pretty special. It caused some controversy, being different from BMTH's usual stuff, and getting some time on radio, not during the rock show (as Shikari also have been). It's super catchy but still has that edge to it. It's really just a guilty pleasure. 


  1. I am SO so in love with Drown and the Shikari albums! Great post :) Rebecca || xx

  2. Oh gosh I love it - I got out of BMTH a good while ago but this is definitely a guilty pleasure!
    It's also awesome that you're into this kinda music. I've been searching for bloggers with the same interests as me for a while x

    Laura Emily,