Wednesday, 11 February 2015


Boyfriends come second.. You can see them all the time, it's just another day. Besides, boys are smelly. I mean really really smelly!
So a better way to spend your day is with your girlfriends.. Get a little tipsy, talk about boy-mishaps, gorge yourself on chocolate and dance the night away - traffic light party alert!

Whilst I love my partner very much, a trip over to see my friends is what I need in regular intervals. During this time, it's also amazing to celebrate independence and strength, or, girl power! Don't need no man. 

This brings me to the visit that took place today, simply to give Christmas and Valentine's presents ended in a longer stay than intended, playing with cats and dogs, balloons, listening to music and having a girly chat and catching up, before her kicking me out for work - I didn't mind, I needed to get home anyway!

I'm not going to tell you what to get a friend, it should be personal, but I did find that Tesco were particularly helpful in the ability to find things to suit the taste I was looking for!
Galaxy 390g Bar £3 @ Tesco

Who doesn't love chocolate? Especially in large quantities! I promised chocolate would be coming my bestfriends way, but I'm not sure she quite expected this.. 

Single and Fabulous Gingerbread Cookie £1 each @ Tesco Bakery 

Single women know how to enjoy themselves better than those in relationships.. These cookies were both really yummy, and super cute in design. 

Spongebob Mouldable Bath Soap £2.15 @ Tesco

Now for the personal jokes.. She's a lover of Spongebob.. What more can I say..
But this looked so awesome, I really want to know how it works.. 'mouldable soap'? The only thing I can think of is Lush's Fun, but if this works what can I say..

Archers 70cl £11 Offer @ Tesco

You know the alcohol I mentioned earlier? Yep. 

Illoom heart balloons - unavailable online, similar shown. £3.50 @ Tesco

How do you show your friends your love? Does it need a special day like Valentine's?


  1. Great post - I really enjoyed reading it x

  2. I love this post, and chocolate is always a winner!

    Frankie x

    1. So much variety though! Do you go for a selection box, a bar or something else? x