Thursday, 12 February 2015


I've somehow found a place where my boyfriend is really appreciative but confused by my gifts.. They appear to suit him so well that he is surprised at my gift giving abilities, because he himself didn't realise exactly what he needed. He even uses the boxes they come in to store the things I buy.. The little things eh..

I have given him some little gifts before Valtentine's including a card from Paperchase. Their range is absolutely amazing and quirky - I went for a card that had T-Rex's attempting to hug with blushing cheeks, but not quite being able to reach..

Cards @ Paperchase

After buying himself a cleanser and some sample moisturisers from Lush, and telling me he'd run out of toner tabs after buying these things, it occurred to me to rush into town for some toner tabs he hadn't yet tried.. 

Dream Steam @ Lush

As he is a lover of words, I'd spied a book at Waterstones - it is a word a day journal, filling in one word everyday for a year by Knock Knock Stuff.. A simple yet fun idea which he promises to keep up with.. 

Word a Day @ WaterstonesKnockKnockStuff

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