Tuesday, 3 March 2015


If there's one thing that makes my day, it's watching four grown men make fools out of themselves. Sound silly? A bit Jackass? Think again! 

The series has been running since 2011 with, currently, four seasons, the fourth of which is being aired right now.

The show follows four guys, 'The Tenderloins', Joe, Murr, Q and Sal, as they compete to avoid the forfeit. This is highly embarrassing for the loser, but may not negatively affect the audience to which it is performed. 

The show is in hidden camera style, and whilst one member is out in New York, the other three tell the other what to do. This can include 'nosing' - putting your nose upon a customer/member of the public whilst pretending to be a waiter. It can also include taking items from peoples' trollies without them noticing, and attempting to get the public join them playing American Football in a supermarket. 

Am I selling this? Probably not. But it makes me howl with laughter. The four characters are relatable, humbling and hilarious. They do their jobs well, and don't cause too much stress with the public!
 See for yourself on the TruTV short clips here!

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