Sunday, 1 March 2015


This sweet little bath bomb is ever so lightly scented, but hides the secret of flower petals, and moisturising qualities. It turns the bath into a lovely green, pink, yellow and purple swirl, before completely dissolving, leaving Spring green bath water.

It slowly fizzes away, and the final reveal is a surprise - there is a lot in there! I loved how my skin felt after this bath. My skin is horrendous with eczema at the moment, and I was completely surprised this helped to settle it down a little.

It contains rose absolute to help balance and restore, marigold petals to sooth and calm, and rose petals to tone and sooth. 


  1. I am in love with the colours that this makes! Might have to pick this up next time rather than my usual Sex Bomb i always rebuy. :) Rebecca | Rebecca Marie xx

    1. Definitely try it :)
      I'm yet to try Sex Bomb - I usually go to the more citrus smelling things!! x
      Laura Emily,