Tuesday, 24 March 2015


Taking me back to my childhood taste in music when it began to 'mature', Fightstar have been doing their rounds around the UK on the Grand Re-unification tour and are set to play and headline the third stage at Download in June this year, after nearly six years out. They are bringing out new music later this year, and with their mix of soothing songs and raw vocals, I hope the best can continue with these boys.
Our Last Common Ancestor - One Day Son
Mercury Summer - Be Human
Paint Your Target - Grand Unification



Another band set to come back this year (with a new line up) is Breaking Benjamin. The Phobia album has some of the most beautiful tracks on, unlike other albums which delve more into Benjamin's harder vocals. A teaser from their latest album, a track called Failure, can be found here.
The Diary of Jane - Phobia
Dance with the Devil - Phobia
Evil Angel Live @ Stabler Arena 

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