Thursday, 12 March 2015


You might remember a little post I did last year about suffering with hay fever, which can be found here. This year I'm doing another post, with some new ways of preventing the effects from Hay Max Allergen Barrier*. 

I've heard people beginning to suffer from hay fever, even this early on, especially with Spring flowers such as daffodils entering the home. I, too, have begun to suffer due to the dust coming with Spring cleaning. Instead of reaching for the nearest antihistamine, I've been reaching for pots of balm. And yes, the balm really is effective at helping to stop the dust and pollen getting up your nose!

You apply the balm around the base of your nose to stop pollen and dust entering it. The product feels like an ordinary, light weight balm that isn't sticky to the touch, and then doesn't feel like you've got anything on your nose once applied! 

The product is totally organic, winning awards from the Soil Association, Allergy UK and more! I love organic and cf products, letting me know that I'm not putting anything on or in my body that isn't supposed to be there. Adding to this, Hay Max is drug free, meaning it can be used during pregnancy, with children, and during exams.

My favourite balm is Aloe Vera. It has soothing qualities which calms down the redness during hay fever/dry nose season. The products also come in Lavender, which is quite a strong scent to begin with, yet the scent is cleansing and reduces the effects of hay fever, Pure, to aid those with particularly sensitive noses and skin, and Frankincense. Although Hay Max isn't a treatment, it really does work. 

This year I'm not letting hay fever get the best of my Summer, carrying on using these pots throughout the season. Even though they are 5ml, and you reapply every time you wipe your nose, they do not go down too quickly - you get your moneys worth!

If you need any more info, head over to, and don't hesitate to ask me anything!

Hay Max have also sent me a few more items which you might be able to get your mitts on soon - keep your eyes peeled!

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