Monday, 13 April 2015


I followed Lady Muck down the rabbit hole.. Will you? 

When on the search for laser cut jewellery, I stumbled upon Lady Muck of Whitstable and immediately contact the creator of the store, commenting on how beautiful the handmade pieces were! To my delight, Esa emailed back and asked me what I had my eye on - I'd been swooning over the Cherry Blossom and Branch necklace* and the Galloping Horse necklace. 

I ravishly unwrapped the binding and had to retie it when I remembered I just needed to take blog photos for this beautiful piece! I was delighted with the rustic packaging and impressed by the branding on the box, simple yet beautiful. The tag is just as simply rustic with a bit of charm. 

On opening the box, I could tell how much creativity had gone into each piece. The necklace comes on a 15" bronze tone chain, and the cherry blossoms are engraved to add to the effect of the blossom, which is also slightly iridescent. 

Esa has a growing set of collections, some of my favourite including China Town, which includes statement Dragons and Ryukin Fish and the more subtle Charming collection which includes the oyster charm necklace. 

Esa is growing her business with the help of Kickstarter to help her fund laser cut metallic designs with gifts available to those who contribute. Her Kickstarter can be found here