Tuesday, 2 June 2015


Here's my camping list for this year! But also have a top tips to start with! 

Write out your must see band list and include the times they're on. This way you know you won't miss them, or forget to see them, considering the state you may end up in! There's also the option to buy a lanyard, but why would you when you can make your own for free?

Get a GO Outdoors card if you plan on shopping here.. There is a large range of both budget and top brand supplies! As a bonus, GO outdoors also do Student, Military, Bluelight, D of E and Leader discount on top of the card!

Don't forget to top up your dog tag. This year Download are introducing their cashless system, so don't forget to register and top up so you can enjoy the festival with ease if you need to buy anything.

Don't forget your ticket!


First of all you'll need a tent.. I went for the HiGear Venture 3. This tent has space for three and includes a porch for muddy wellies so your tent doesn't get totally wrecked! I bought it due to having space for a double blow up mattress and a bit of space for bags and booze.

You'll also need a sleeping bag and something to sleep on. This can be a simple foam roll matt to a massive blow up bed! I personally like using a foam matt with a self inflating matt on top, but this time I'm using a double mattress and a simple sleeping bag. Choose what you want to put your head on, whether that's the clothes from yesterday or pillows from home. To keep me warm, I'll also be taking my trusty camp blanket.

Eating can be a pain and expensive if you plan on using a hexi stove or buying food. Download don't let campers use gas, so I prefer using a Trangia, which allows you to quickly and easily boil water for hot chocolate, stir in soup, porridge pots, and boil in the bag meals for a quick fix, or can be used to cook more luxurious meals. It can be used with a variety of fuels including liquid meths, gels, and gas. Don't forget matches or a lighter! 

Obvious thing which are forgotten are torches and camp chairs, but they're totally optional anyway. That's all that needs to be said here! 


Day Bag:
Money/card to top up your dog tag.

Phone, old or new, doesn't really matter as long as you look after it! 

Portable charger.. But with this one don't forget you'll need to take your cord from your charger from home. 

Hand sanitiser for those moments where you have to use the loo.. 

Bug repellent. 

Sun cream. Even if it is for drawing sun tan willies! Be protected..


Due to me having a trangia, I'm boiling up some water and dealing with it! 

Porridge pots, because they're filling and I'm half Scottish!

Biscuits and crisps, for snacks and soaking up alcohol.

Cobs and nutella.. It's an alternative to toast! 

Fruit and veg such as apples that are substantial in that they aren't squishy!! Keeps your bowels okay, so you don't get a squiffy bum! 

Drinks.. Alcohol, water, alcohol water.. 



A Pack of Halo Wipes* and toilet roll. This includes hand wipes, face wipes, toiletry wipes, deodorant wipes and more! Wipes are an easy way to make you feel fresh when you're not feeling your freshest.  Toilet roll is needed, again, for trips to the loo..

Batiste dry shampoo, I specifically like the tropical scent.. I've tried many others, and I always return to either the tropical or brunette spray. 

Deodorant and perfume. I prefer anti-perspirent by Right Guard for women, as it gives the protection needed and leaves you feeling nice and fresh. I love perfume too, but bottles are a pain. Instead I'm taking Lush's Kerbside Violet Solid Perfume due to it being easily transported.

Makeup.. Now this is personal! But I'm taking Urban Decay's Smoked Palette, Seventeen's Contour Kit, Rimmel's Wake Me Up Foundation and Concealer, L'oreal's Punky Eyes Mascara, Benefit's Porefessional, Soap and Glory's Supercat Liner, Nars' Orgasm Blush, and MUA highlighter.

Keep up with your tooth care! Instead of lugging around a tube of paste I'm taking Lush's toothy tabs, a solid toothpaste that's very portable! 

And finally drugs. Not that kind. Paracetamol, an inhaler, and hayfever tablets it is for me!