Friday, 25 September 2015

25 BEFORE 25

I'm 21. Happy Birthday to me! I know that's not too huge but it's *supposed* to be a big number, right? So.. Instead of me being amazed, I realised my life is passing before me too quickly. Here's 25 things I want to do before reaching 25!

1. Reach 1000 followers on my lil' corner of the internet. 
2. Disneybound in Disney World Florida.
3. Get a full time career. 
4. Graduate with at least a 2:2 Hons.
5. Travel to a continent I've never been to before.
6. Do something selfless for a charity. 
7. Write about Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome.
8. Save up and live on my own/with a partner.
9. Camp under the stars.
10. Run a blogger meet.
11. Buy an expensive staple item of clothing/accessory.
12. Finish a PGCE.
13. Get real good at horse riding.
14. Buy my Mum a bunch of expensive flowers with a first pay cheque.
15. Take care of my skin.
16. Dress my age/older.
17. Visit family and friends around the world.
18. Try a new sport. 
19. Ride pillion.
20. Drive on a track.
21. Learn to love tea and coffee.
22. Lose weight/get fit the 'proper' way.
23. Say goodbye to old clothes.
24. Write in a journal instead of being angry. 
25. Don't be afraid to ask for help.
26. For good luck? Blog about each of these 25 things to do..


  1. I just came across your blog and I love it... I am new to Lincoln and wanted to see if there were any like minded bloggers and alas there are!! I wrote a 24 things bucket list before I was 24 and managed to do the majority... Good luck with your list +) I hope you have a lot of fun with it. Also, where can I go for more information about the 'Lincoln Bloggers club' ...looks cute. I hope you are having a nice day lovely x

    Lisa x (

    1. Argh! Sorry for the horribly late reply!
      There's a group on facebook, we're also trying to organise a Christmas meal which you're very welcome to join us on! Here is the group we are organising it on: