Friday, 4 September 2015


Whilst I've been neglecting my blog, I have had a Summer of working and a little down time in London for a wedding, before heading back to uni.
Luckily, I got to visit the Oxford Street Lush store! I think the reason I didn't go overboard is because I was terribly overwhelmed anyway..

The guys at the store were incredibly helpful and not push at all like some Lush stores can be. I loved my experience, and my favourite part of the store was actually the ground floor, or the spa level. It was less busy and had a more comfortable atmosphere.

What struck me most about the products is that they seem to be more down the unisex path, with more guys enjoying the products and less sweet notes - or maybe it's the time of year!

(I would also like to apologise for the change between DSLR - with three, yes three, uncharged batteries and losing the charger..)

This bath bomb has a woody yet sweet scent. 

Candy Floss, Lemon Sherbet and Whoosh Temple Balm

One of the products I was intrigued about was the new 'showders'. Although not wanting to commit to a full box, and where to store said box due to it having the issue of getting soggy in the bathroom, I do enjoy the scent of these products. The lovely Lush team gave me and my partner some samples. I love the lemon sherbet, it smells exactly like what it is, and foams up beautifully with a soft scrub. My partner, however, loved candy floss, which has a sickly sweet scent similar to bubblegum, I feel like it's a very artificial smell. This was a finer powder, yet still foamed up.
Let lemon sherbet put you in the drivers seat. | Have you heard what's happened? Candy Floss now gives a sweet clean.

Whilst exploring the ground floor, I noticed something I'd never seen before - temple balm. I love the scent of Whoosh, however did not get on with shower jellies. The scent in this form made me woop and I just had to have it. Okay, I guess it was a bit of an impulse purchase, but it has been amazing for migraines. It's supposed to awaken your senses - using it where the veins are closest to the skin to carry the magic into your bloodstream. I also cannot find this product on the Lush website.  

Little Dragon Bubble Bar

This bubble bar has a very strong, spicy scent, with a kick of something like peppermint/spearmint.
It is scented with cinnamon, ginger, and clove and reminds me a little bit of Hot Toddy shower gel, with fewer sweet notes, making me feel like it will awaken my senses when used in a bath. 

The Golden Handshake

A hot hand mask which has a generic hand cream smell which I sampled in store. It's an alternative to the solid helping hands, and I really loved the feel and how soft it made my skin. 

Space Girl

Whilst not an Oxford Street product, I had to stock up on these beauties before they disappeared from Lush's shelves. The bomb has a lovely parmaviolet scent, which has been my scent of the year so far. I feel like I'm steadily moving away from the citrus smells I love so much. 

Shark Infested Custard, Lime Pastille and Floating Island (reform)

These little bath oils smell delicious and exactly what you think they would Shark Infested Custard? Vanilla pudding. Lime Pastille? Remember lime crusha? And finally Floating Island.. A beautiful Caribbean milky cocktail!

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