Friday, 11 September 2015


Whilst this post reaches you a little late, I'd love to share with you some items that Prairie Charms sent to me at the start of the Summer season, which I have continued to use throughout. Some of these products I bought, whilst others were added as little extras. 

The items arrived wrapped in a holographic bubble wrap envelope, and inside everything was wrapped individually with beautiful floral tissue paper, which was slightly perfumed, and washi tape, adding a cutesy homemade feel, finished off with the prairie charms logo sticker. 

Contained inside was:
Three hair bobbles, which have lasted me all Summer and do not snag my hair.
Nail glitter, for a dolled up look - I opened the pot without realising.. Oops.. Glitter attack!
A black elasticated hairband, which I use to clear hair out of my face whilst applying make up.
Paper straws, adding a bit of rustic charm to my flat - I now have three packs of these from Prairie Charms, which are displayed in a hot drinks glass.
A glitter heart hair accessory, which is clipped on to my jewellery holder.
A wishbone necklace, of which I have removed the wishbone and put onto a charm necklace.
And finally a quote poster, which is proudly sitting on my IKEA cubes. 

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