Monday, 26 October 2015


Mermaids generally whip up the idea of fantasy, the ocean, magic, mystery, and even death among more. For Halloween costumes they supply endless ideas - the creation of gills by use of sfx, the siren, the sea princess, The Little Mermaid (Hans Christien Andersen's version, naturally)..

I honed in on these ideas to  create a fishy mermaid look!
I started off with Maybelline's Eye Studio Colour Tattoo eye shadows in eternal gold and pink gold.
On top of this I layered Urban Decay's Freeze, Dragon, Heroine and Vanity from the Vice 3 Palette, and Rockstar, Evidence, and Loaded from the Smoked Palette.

I used the shades from the Vice 3 palette to also create the eye look, randomly placing splodges.. Technical terms here guys! I then applied this mixture of colours to the lips, and on the centre of this I layered Make Up Revolutions Unicorns Unite lipstick in Horn of Magic.

What do you think?


  1. Looove this, the scales and your lips look so shimmery! x

    1. Thanks Frankie! That was the spur of the moment thing - pretty happy with the results!