Sunday, 18 October 2015


1. I suffer with an illness called Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome, which I hope to write about in depth within the next few months. 

2. My family have recently adopted a stray cat called Lucy, who loves my Border Terrier, Freddie, incredibly.. 

3. I was born in Surrey and lived there for a while.. We were the only ones from our entire family to move to the Midlands.

4. I've travelled a LOT for a 21 year old, I'm really quite lucky.

5. My favourite city is Helsinki, Finland.

6. My least favourite city is Melbourne, Australia. 

7. I love black.

8. I'm part of a lot of fandoms but it's kinda an inner thing, I feel like it's private.. But if you wanna know more, head over to my tumblr

9. I get back ache after a couple of shots.. After a few more it goes away. 

10. I wanted to be a Weather Lady for quite a while.. 

11. I never wanted to be a Disney Princess, but I admired Jane from Tarzan, and I still do. 

12. Taylor Swift isn't a guilty pleasure, I just love her. 

13. I used to be quite involved with the YouTube community but it's changed too much for me to still want to. 

14. I'm not too good with change. 

15. I wanted to be poetic but I just came across as sarcastic. I remain 'not artsy' enough. 

16. I'm content with who I am, even though there's plenty of bad bits. 

17. When I was a baby all my hair fell out and then grew as if it permanently had a static charged balloon held above it. 

18. I'm not that great at horse riding, but I enjoy it. 

19. I refused to have an iPhone for four years. 

20. I'm never turning back.. Apple convert.. Oops.

21. I turned back to gaming as my relaxation. 

22. I love GTA V, Little Big Planet, and all Mario titles. 

23. I love living on my own. 

24. I find love in unexpected places and then it becomes obvious that it was supposed to happen. 

25. I don't like lists. 

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