Tuesday, 10 November 2015


An amalgamation of my birthday, surprises and my recent splurge! 

The new toothy tabs within their new, and in my opinion better, packaging are now available in all stores! I picked up lime-light, after deliberating with a member of staff..
I was so excited for my boyfriend to pick up Snow Melt, an Oxford Street exclusive bath oil that's a lot larger than your normal bath oil, you're definitely getting your £2 worth here. 

A product I feel will be overlooked but is amazing this Christmas is Bar Humbug.. It's scent description may be daunting - and I personally don't like liqourice - but it is sweet without being overpowering. It has the same look as Blue Skies, The Comforter etc. 

The Magic of Christmas is also a new product for this year, and I'm super excited to use it. It encapsulates everything I associate with Christmas - spices and cinnamon. 

Peaking in the background is Salt and Peppermint Bark - I've gone craaaazy for mint this year, buying a tub of Christingle, using Dirty, and now extending to the scrub!

There is also a few other products previously only in the Oxford Street store to buy at all stores, such as Big Bang and a few of the bath oils.

Here are some classics that everyone knows and loves; Cinders, Lord of Misrule, and Holly Go Lightly.. There's also an appearance from Shimmy Shimmy, and a mysterious soap that my boyfriend got given!

I am super excited about milky bath.. I bought it on my first trip to Oxford Street, and it honestly replaces Butterball, hands down.. AND IT HAS BUBBLES. It's the combination of bath melt and bubble bar that does it for me.

Another returner is The Golden Wonder.

Products mentioned within this post:
The Golden Wonder | Eau Roma Water Toner | Milky Bath | Yog Nog | Salt and Peppermint Bark | Lord of Misrule | Shimmy Shimmy | Big Bang | Pumpkin | Holly Go Lightly | Cinders | Snow Melt Bath Oil | Magic of Christmas | Soap?? | Lime-light Toothy Tabs | D'Fluff | Bar Humbug | Beautiful Shower Gel | Salted Coconut
Not pictured:
Christingle | Snow Fairy | Dirty | Icing on the Cake Roulade | Intergalactic | Yog Nog Soap | Dragon's Egg

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