Saturday, 7 November 2015


On my recent trip to (and splurge at) Lush, I was guided around and felt absolutely pampered by the staff - and then who pops to say 'hi'? Jess!

Jess is a fellow blogger I met last year who became, as I remember, totally enthralled by the store! She took me round some of her favourite products, and it was lovely to be talked to by someone who understands bloggers going into Lush; we don't want to be totally overwhelmed, we know what we want, but we still need a lil' help!

After taking me round a few items, she sat me down for a bit of a pamper.. I was completely tense, my hand was closed up, but she made me relax - uni stress is taking it's toll at the moment.

We started with Salted Coconut, something I'd been sniffing but repulsed by previously.. But having no idea what Jess would bring back, I was slightly intimidated by the prospect of having this product on me.. I was wrong to be repulsed. On the skin it smells lovely, and isn't too abrasive! It will really look after my hands in the coming winter months - and yes, that does mean that I bought a pot! It can be used wet for a soft exfoliation, or on dry hands for a rougher experience.. *wink*. 
...This creamy coconut and sea salt exfoliator is the perfect way to keep your paws in tip top condition...
I personally think it makes a change from me using The Golden Handshake - a hot hand mask. Without the 'right' equipment it gets a bit messy, and I'm not perfect at getting the consistency right. It's a lot quicker as well, and I will be saving my Handshakes for the colder days when my fingers are about to fall off now!  

Following this, we used the Celebrate Christmas Body Lotion, which is so soothing and hydrating, whilst also including that bit of pep!
Give your skin cause for celebration by smoothing on this intoxicatingly citrusy body lotion with a splash of cognac..

Finally, absorb a bit of moisture, we used the First Snow dusting powder. I have been interested in dusting powders for a while, especially with being blessed with the larger of lady lumps! This adds a shine to the skin, and added the final touch to how soft my skin became. 
An uplifting blend of merry-making essential, congac, and lime oils...

I've never found a regime as amazing as this! What are your thoughts? What's your Lush regime?

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