Thursday, 3 December 2015


Today I want to share my current favourite lipsticks.. I'm a sucker for dark nudes but I have thrown a cheeky berry shade in! I've also been loving spiced colours, they're gorgeous and really help to boost my lip colour just past its natural shade. 

UD's lipstick is really creamy with a lot of staying power. It doesn't dehydrate/dry out my lips, and I also do not need to replenish my lips too often. It's perfect for those days where you don't want to wear too much makeup, but still feel done up. 

MAC's Velvet Teddy has seriously been doing its rounds this year due to the Jenner's! It's the perfect matte nude, and totally worth the money. I am in love, totally and truly. It is another lipstick which conditions and stays on the lip really well. 

The Superstay is a slightly different something that I've steered clear of for a while, but I'm not sure why.. Maybe experience with Soap and Glories previous sticky formula! But this is totally different! It feels like a liquid lipstick, and dries quickly. It also comes with a balm, which I'm not a fan of but did not buy the product for. I do find it useful, however, to apply before the lip colour. I feel like this was a product that may have been found to be drying in the testing process, but simply put a balm with it to counter-act this.. Not too great a selling point, but I'm in LOVE with the colour, especially combined with Rimmel's Spice Lip Liner. 

Rimmel's Lip Liner in Spice is so versatile and a really great product! I feel like it can be used all over the lip or simply to line the lip to bring out bricker/spcier tones in what is applied over the top, it brings out a POP of colour. 

Finally is Berry Much, my new favourite berry shade which contains no glitter! It isn't too dark for my skin tone which is fab, and comes in a pencil form, but somehow really does still feel nourishing on the lip.