Tuesday, 19 April 2016


Maybe it was just the context of the advert.. But I'll get back to that.
Wilkinson Sword's Quottro (lady shaver) adverts get even worse every year. This years can be found here, it is headlined Discover the little things Olivia does to stay spontaneous. Previously they've had complaints about how we should style our lady garden (some examples can be found here and here).
Now we're being told how to be 'bikini ready' in case we want to be spontaneous.

Now I don't know about you, but when I want to be spontaneous, the last thing I'm thinking about is my bush! 

A quote from the advert states 'you've always got to be ready down there, if you wanna jump in that pool, do it!'
Bit of mixed messaging going on down there! Look, seriously, if you want to be spontaneous you DO NOT have to be 'ready' down there. Being ready implies a beauty standard of being shaved. You do not have to be shaved to be ready.  


It is the only product for women which (overtly) sexualises and shames a female body part for having hair on it on their website description. Why?! Is my foo not sexy when it isn't shaved? Does it make me less able to jump into a pool? Of course not!

As we all do in this day and age, I took to Twitter and Facebook to be met with the same people having the same issues with the advert/s as me. And we were all met with the same response: whether we shave or not is up to us, and if we want to Quottro is there. Shaving is a personal choice. 

Yes. Yes it is. Sometimes I shave and sometimes I don't, I don't shame those who do and I don't shame those who don't. But this isn't the message the advert gives. It does shame those who don't choose to shave.  

The message of the advert tells us that to be accepted at a pool party/beach where a bikini is involved, we need to wear a particular hair style - a shaved bikini line. Nope. Not true. 

The response @BatRachy gave on Twitter perfectly summed this up, saying "Beach ready" suggests there's certain standards to attain before getting there. Just need a beach

And what context was I watching the advert in? It was between segments of the show Sex Box on Channel 4, a fairly liberal program exploring the sex life of people in the UK, helping individuals and couples explore each other and their sexuality.
If we can be this liberal about sex, why can't we be as liberal with the body parts we use to perform sexual acts? Maybe it was the context. But pube shaming is real.
Look, seriously. I was tested for PCOS and I've got it. Sure I don't have excessive hair, but guess what? The entire time I was being poked and prodded in my nether regions (for about three to four months) I didn't shave. If I don't shave for my Doctor, or even my boyfriend, I'm not going to shave to be spontaneous.

I will be shaving for my trip to Orlando - but I want a good tan. That's my personal choice. Maybe tanning is a beauty standard too, but it's for myself and not to conform. 

Whether you decide to shave or not, do it for yourself and not these rubbish beauty standards intended to sell a product.

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