Tuesday, 2 May 2017


Eeyore and Pooh Bear Disneybound

Eeyore and Pooh Bear Disneybound by laura-rix 

So, I didn't Disneybound at Disney World in June 2016, but I have some possible plans to maybe visit DLP very very soon. Pre-empting the probably not happening trip, I went ahead and purchased a few bits from Boohoo and Accessorize.. You know.. Just in case..

The bulk of the outfits are from Boohoo, as I find them to be incredibly affordable and everything I love in a simplistic outfit can be found.
For Eeyore, I went for a simple grey tshirt dress for £10, and a pink cardigan for £12. Eeyore wouldn't be complete without his bow, so I picked up this choker from Accessorize for £6. I also found these super cute pompom ears on Boohoo for £3.. Even if I don't use them to bound in, they're a steal!

For Pooh, I didn't just want a simple dress, so I went for an extra frill. This was £15. The batwing cardigan was on sale for £6. I just love mt cardis to be a bit slouchy! I've teamed this with a bee necklace from Accessorize at £4.

I think these outfits capture the essence of Disneybounding without being too obvious, and captures some of my style - I always go for a sloucy cardi when I can. I would wear these items everyday without bounding, and the pieces can be used for other bounds as well. The dress was originally for Dumbo, for example. I feel like the choker would also be purrrfect for Marie!

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